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Jun 5, 2011 12:29 AM

Restaurant tips for Hokkaido in summer?

Hey guys,

I'm heading to middle and eastern Hokkaido next month (Furano/Biei, Shiretoko), and was wondering if anyone had any dining recommendations?

Obviously keen to get lots of the local produce (uni, crab, yubari melon) but any particular restaurants standout for anyone?

Thanks in advance


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  1. Those that I can recommend in Furano

    -Izakaya Kumagera: Furano is famous for its dairy in Japan, try the "cheese tofo" here. Also thumb up on its Donburi with beef sashimi, and if you like hotpot: sukiyaki and nabe are well recommended.

    -Furano is also famous for its own style Japanese curry. Unfortunately not to my liking but the one that is raved by others is Yeigedokusen.

    -Ramen: the best ramen in town, according to Tabelog, is Tomikawasei. It is decent but you can certainly get better ramen in Sapporo.

    -Also don't forget to try the soft ice cream which is available in many places. The ones that I can clearly still remember is the lavender ice cream at the lavender field.

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      1. re: FourSeasons

        Furano milk is pretty damn delicious and I also second the lavender soft ice cream.

        Bistro Le Chemin has good bistro food using mostly local ingredients. I had some excellent Furano pork there a couple years ago.

      2. Wow, I just posted the same question. We are headed there this weekend.
        Guess I'll just read the answers here.