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Jun 4, 2011 09:15 PM

New food truck sighting: Potter's Pasties and Pies

On Friday, I saw a new food truck, Potter's Pasties and Pies, while I was driving around Mears Park in Lowertown (St. Paul) on Friday afternoon, 2pm-ish. A quick search found confirmation on flickr ( ), as well as a twitter page for the food truck in question:!/PottersPasties

I wish I had seen this truck before I ate my lunch! Has anyone tried their pasties and/or pies?


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  1. Thanks for the heads up! DH is from Cornwall and really into pasties.

    1. Thanks for the tip... Will definitely give them a try sometime soon... Definately in the mood for a savory pie... Hope they have some...

      1. They have non-traditional and traditional pasties. Enjoyed a very gingery Thai Veg pastie for lunch today.

        Sounds like they're going to try to be at Rice Park on Wednesdays and Fridays. In addition to the Twitter feed, they've got a Facebook page:

        1. As I don't work in St Paul, I was very excited to learn there would be some food truck action near the St Paul Farmer's Market on Saturdays. However, I couldn't find the Gastrotruck...but spotted Potter's Pasties near Mears Park. It was a very good experience. We had beef and chicken pasties, and both were delicious. The crust, of course, was the key to success. I would go back.

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            When I found the Gastrotruck a couple of weeks ago, it was parked on E. 5th Street on the other side of Broadway Street. (The north-south streets that border the Farmers' Market are Wall and Broadway.)

            Don't know if it uses the same spot every time, but the truck was just opposite the large parking lot that is available for the market on weekends.

            The Farmer's Market hash was terrific that day.

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              Gastrotruck has listed on their website that they were going to be at the St. Paul Farmer's market the last two weeks, but I haven't seen them there or anywhere near (Mears Park, etc.) since the time they were located at 5th & Broadway a few weeks back - definitely hope they plan to make more appearances there since I'm seldom around during the weekdays.

          2. I've stopped by twice now and have enjoyed both pasties I have ordered. The pork, apple and brie pasty was a unique combination that I can only best describe as a tasty combination of a pork sandwich and applie pie. I've also tried the Thai vegetable pasty, which was pretty good, but halfway through became a bit overwhelmingly starchy. All in all I'll definitely be back, but would be more likely to stop by Gastrotruck or Chef Shack if they're in the same vicinity.

            Chef Shack
            No formal address, Minneapolis, MN

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              I have not personally tried the pastries, but Star Trib mentioned it along with other street vendors.

              I will definitely get out there soon as I love me some meat pasties.