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Jun 4, 2011 07:59 PM

Desi burgers

I was in Little India today and I noticed a bunch of places selling 'desi burgers.' Looks to be some type of burger made of chick peas.

Does anyone know more about this? What are the best places for desi burgers in Little India?


Little India
255 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V1Z4, CA

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  1. i can't help you with the Toronto aspect of it, but if you Google "vada pav" you'll find plenty of general information about the dish.

    1. Could be a bunch of dishes.
      If vegetarian:
      - Sabut dana (tapioca pearls) patties
      - Lentil & potato patties ('aaloo tikki')
      Most likely it's a 'Bun Tikki', which can be a mix of peas, beans, lentils and/or potatoes, usually served with a mint chutney and a tamarind cutney on a pan toasted bun.

      If non-vegetarian, it was almost certainly a minced meat patty (lamb most likely) with mint, coriander and onions.