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Jun 4, 2011 07:46 PM

Moma Mia.. Very disapointed :)

I went there based on good reports but for a Italian from the east coast, there food was not close to being authentic.
I had a $13 lasagna which was all noodle and a microscopic amount of cheese.
Tasted like cafeteria food with no flavor.
I don't think the original owners are still there.

My opinion
Thanks Larry

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  1. Are you talking about Mamma Mia in PB - the original owners (Mezzettis) are still there and we haven't been for 1-2 years but we gave up after a few very underwhelming visits.

    1. The few times I went were very disappointing, terrible and abrupt service, microscopic food with the same equiviilent of flavor. Lastly, very pricey.

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        Thirded. I went once a couple years ago after reading rave reviews about it on here but was very disappointed. Food was very bland, marinara sauce tasted like plain tomato sauce out of a jar.

        Still haven't found any decent italian food in San Diego. Been meaning to check out some of the places in Hillcrest but haven't gotten around to it yet.