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Jun 4, 2011 06:05 PM

Looking for 60's "feel" place for drinks (not necessary with food)


I'm having a birthday "party", which is more of a little gathering than anything else in a couple of weeks and I thought it'd be great to go somewhere that has this 1950/1960's feel to it, the kinda place Sinatra would've hung out. Jazz music (doesn't have to be live) is a plus, and somewhere with a bit of a dress code (ie. I want to show up with proper trousers and shirt and not look out of place!) would be great.

I'm actually from Montreal but I've never looked around for places like these, and I don't drink so bars aren't really my area of expertise (but my friends do so...). If it can give a better idea of what I'm looking for, think of where Don Draper ends up after work in Mad Men.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Upstairs Jazz Bar unless you are willing to settle for the House of Jazz

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      oh those are jazz places...but not 1960s

    2. You could try Pop (next to Laloux) which has a post-Eames - Danish 60s feel. Cocktail place. Don't know what kind of music they play but pretty sure no live jazz.

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        Pop! The interior is very 60s. It's all mid-century mod teak furnishings and dansk accessories. They even have a small interior garden with bonzai plants. Think Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success and you'll sort of get an idea of the ambiance. Very Mad Men indeed (though I've admittedly never seen the show!). You can dress sharp without feeling out of place (sad how proper trousers and a shirt would ever seem that way!) Most folks in the city don't seem to put much towards appearance, and will venture just about anywhere in casual wear unfortunately, so there's no telling. It is a wine bar primarily though, and not really a cocktail place. The food is quite good as it shares a kitchen with Laloux. They have an excellent cheese plate. I would call ahead to make a res. as it's a small place (although usually quiet) but you might get stuck sitting at the bar if it's a weekend since there are not many tables. If you're with a small group, there's an alcove with sofas and chairs in the front of the room that you may be able to reserve if you are going mostly for drinks. I would definitely suggest Pop! based on what you're after!

      2. Once upon a time, there was a Jello Bar which seemed to fit the bill - nice vibe, cocktails part of the show, slight dress code, lava lamps, 60s shtick decor. However, last time I was there (years ago) it seems to have transformed into a hiphop hangout. Maybe someone can elaborate on todays version?

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          JB is terrible. It's another douchey house blaring music bar on the main. I think you're thinking of the Go-Go Lounge btw, which is exactly the same. Pop is definitely what he's looking for!

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            Sad that Jell-O bar went that way. I had fun there a while ago.

        2. Thanks! I'll definitely check Pop! out at one point if not this time. Looks great!

          1. I do remember getting this type of vibe from Jell-O bar on Ontario, but I haven't been there in years, and this might have been a 'special' night at that time.

            I've also heard that House of Jazz is a classy place that has a vibe and I think you can go there for cocktails only, but never managed to actually go.