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Jun 4, 2011 05:28 PM

Lobster or Dungeness Crab in Asheville/Hendersonville/Brevard

My birthday is in a couple of weeks and my husband asked what I want for my birthday dinner. Ideally, I'd love lobster or dungeness crab. My husband is thinking we should go to the Lobster Trap in Asheville. Based on reviews here, I'm not thrilled.

Any other ideas where to get lobster or dungeness crab? Doesn't need to be a restaurant, preparing it at home is fine too. I'm thinking Blue Water is our best bet. Thoughts?

Thanks much!

Lobster Trap
35 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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  1. I had lobster for lunch at Blue Water today, as a matter of fact. It was $14/lb. Not the best lobster ever, but pretty damn good. I think it depends on what else you want. We had only the lobster, muscles (in a decent , not stellar tomato broth) and a very plain not a whole lot to judge against, but I'm guessing Blue Water in A'ville is similar to BW in H'ville, and that is: good seafood, just decent cooking. If I were looking for a special meal otherwise, I wouldn't go there, but if I were just all about the lobster...may be fine.

    On the other hand, I got Lobster for $10 EACH this valentines day at Bilo in G'ville. We had 4. They were great. It was pure luxury.

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      Thanks for the tip on Bilo in Greenville. I'll give them a call.

    2. Costco in Greenville has Dungeness Crab every Friday and Saturday. If you don't have a membership let me know and I can probably help you. They are great and have slowing been becoming my Saturday lunch with my wife along with a bottle of champagne.

      I think Costco call the weekend seafood dept on weekends the seafood train. They are already cooked you just heat them up.

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        I didn't know that about Costco, JBB. Do they do that in Spartanburg as well? I'd pretty much rather be nibbled to death by ducks than to drive on Woodruff Road especially on the weekend, but I will if I have to. I could combine it with a TJ's trip.... thinking....

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          I would give the one in Spartanburg a call. I bet they do have them. I agree with you about Woodruff Rd. nobody goes there anymore as it is always to crowded and busy.

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            Thanks. I'll check it out this week.

      2. I agree that BiLo, if they have them, is definitely the best deal. The one in Brevard used to have a tank, but I haven't seen it lately. If you do find one that carries them, please report back! I am an ex-New Englander and desperately miss cold water lobster. It kills me to pay the prices down here. It is routinely $4.99/lb up there in the summer. We shamelessly stuff ourselves every time we go back for a visit! :-)

        I have gotten them through Poppies in Brevard too. You can order them. They will quote you a price first. For us, it worked out to about $20/each for 1 1/2 lbs. Blue Water is a good source too if you don't want to wait to order. As I recall Poppies and Blue Water were similarly priced (Poppies is just closer for me). They came packed in a crate with seaweed or something damp. Can't remember. It's that overnight air ticket that jacks the price.

        And I feel like the Lobster Trap is exactly that. A trap. Should be called The Tourist Trap.

        1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Sounds like Greenville is the best bet for both lobster and crab.