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Jun 4, 2011 05:22 PM

Exciting birthday dinner restaurant? In the spirit of Zuni

I wanted to ask for your help in finding a good place for 10 people In SF this Saturday; I was looking for somewhere with food/ambiance along the lines of Zuni, Pizzaiolo's garden, Foreign Cinema. If there's somewhere that you've been in the city that's been particularly memorable I'd love to hear. Thank you!

Zuni Cafe
1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Foreign Cinema
2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

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    1. re: bbulkow

      I like Prospect, but I'm worried there's not much for vegetarians in the group. Thank you for this

      1. re: BeatriceB

        Zuni is terrible for vegetarians.
        Are there other constraints you have not mentioned?

        Zuni Cafe
        1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

    2. The private room in the back at A16?

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      1. re: steve h.

        I think a private room is a good idea in case our party gets lively. But civilized!

        1. re: BeatriceB

          It's a glass-enclosed room just off the back. Sort of a greenhouse. I've dined there. Feel free to get rowdy, the room is damn-near soundproof. You'll like it.

          Edited to add: staff will check on you with reasonable frequency if you need drinks, whatever.

      2. You can look at Opentable to see what's available & go from there. I noticed NOPA had availability for 8 people (not for 10) at 6%3 may want to call to double check.

        OSA on Fillmore has availability but looks like only DAT (dine about town) menu may be available. Call to check.

        nother spot is Serpentine - been about 2 yrs. but enjoyed their gnocci when I went. Very good drinks.

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          1. re: ceekskat

            Thanks, this is really helpful. I checked Opentable, I was hoping more for recommendations of places people have really enjoyed rather than what's available; I think at this point I'd have to get lucky and hope for a cancellation.
            I understand re: the edit function. My post was autocorrected to "I'm the spirit of Zuni"

            Zuni Cafe
            1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

            1. re: BeatriceB

              How about the back room at Bar Bambino, or their patio? I had a birthday dinner 3 or 4 years ago; the ambience is lovely. I haven't been back since the menu change, though.

              Bar Bambino
              2931 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

        1. Bar Agricole has this semi-subterranean private dining room that seems really fun. And while I find the food good, I think their drinks are fantastic.

          Also really fun new place is Zero Zero -- great pastas and pizzas you can split.

          Bar Agricole
          355 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

          Zero Zero
          826 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107