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Jun 4, 2011 05:07 PM

Edmonton-looking for fresh goat meat

anyone know where I can get fresh goat meat, all cuts, in Edmonton?? the butcher I used to go to is now gone. I dont want chunks of frozen, fatty, bony, tough stew goat imported from who knows where.
or any info on local goat farmers selling meat goats would be great too.


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  1. I thought I saw goat this morning at Real Deal Meats. Can't remember the cut though.

    1. The lady with the alpaca fur booth at the Callingwood and downtown farmers' markets sells goat.

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      1. re: Bryn

        Downtown? do you mean The Strathcona Market? is there a name of the seller?
        Are there any locations and seller names? thanks!

        1. re: Jenni899

          In trying to find the lady's name I found this list:
          I don't mean the Strathcona market, I mean the Downtown one on 104 st and jasper on Saturdays.

          They are Called Spring Harvest farm out of Stony plain. Their website only promotes the angora products, but she always has a cooler of goat meat too.

      2. There's a halal butcher on the corner of 97th St and 107 Ave who has fresh goat meat, and great fresh lamb too.

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          There are two halal butchers in little Lebanon as well that probably have fresh goat. One is in the same little strip mall as Sunbake Pita (134th Ave and 107th St.) and the other is around the corner from El Safadi Bros. supermarket and Paradiso Pastries (134th Ave and 113 St.).

          If you are in the neighborhood be sure to stop in to Sunbake for a pita pizza or the best schwarma and then to Paradiso to get some baklava for desert.

        2. I recently came across a website for ravenwood ranch in caroline ab, everything from free range chickens to goat and lamb, free delivery to edmonton on mondays, cant really vouch for it as i havent tried them myself yet but seem good... :)