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Jun 4, 2011 05:02 PM

Family Friendly Eats in Barcelona

We are traveling with the kids, aged 11, 8 and 5 to Barcelona for three nights. I am looking for family-friendly and delicious restos in Barcelona. We are staying in the Ramblas. I will be writing about the trip so I need to have a couple solid places to eat. Thx!

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  1. Restaurantarian,

    The first cardinal rule must be: DO NOT eat on Las Ramblas, especially the lower part.

    I had written a long answer for you, complete with off-colour sausage jokes, but I pressed the wrong button and poof! gone... This time, I'll make it brief.

    Try to eat your biggest meal at lunch. Most restaurants offer a lunch special, the menu del dia. If you are in town June 6-19, you should make a beeline to the Fonda Espana at the Hotel Espana. This is traditional but well-priced Catalan in a historic building. During those dates, they are offering the 25 Euro menu del dia (3 courses including wine and tax) at both lunch time and dinner time!

    Link to the trilingual menu%3

    I admire anyone who can travel with 3 young children. Dinnertime is late in Spain and sit-down restaurants won't open until 8:30 pm. Probably too late for your kids.

    Tapas and Basque pintxo bars will be open earlier (and they are casual) so you could have a few meals there.

    Cerveceria Catalana, Calle Mallorca 236, Tel: 932-160-368 (L'Eixample


    Ciutat Comtal, Rambla de Catalunya 18, Tel: 933-181-997(ditto)

    Orio Euskal Taberna, Ferran 38, Tel: 933 179 407 (BARRI GOTIC)

    Bilbao Berri, Sagristans 5 (across from Catedral de Barcelona), Tel: 933 170 124

    Euskal Etxea, Placeta Montcada 1-3 (near Picasso Museum), Tel: 933 102 2

    Barcelona friends with children always recommend EL GLOP for traditional, moderate-priced Catalan family dining. They serve lunch specials until 4 pm and -- best of all -- stay open all day. Your kids don't have to wait until after 8 pm to eat dinner. The one near your hotel is on Rambla de Catalunya, a beautiful street that runs parallel to Passeig de Gracia.

    El Glop de la Rambla, Rambla de Catalunya 65

    Finally, a few names from friends. I have never eaten at these places and probably never will. When I have the good fortune of being in Barcelona, I am there for more serious eats.

    Café Viena

    Pans y Company

    Pla dels Angels

    La Rita

    I have given you also the link to This is a great resource for casual dining etc.

    Your kids might enjoy a stop for chocolate and other 'fountain drinks' at Granja M Viader. If you are near Hotel 1898, it's close to you. For churros and chocolate, there are other places. I used to suggest Granja La Pallaresa but SnackHappy prefers other xurreria (what was it? the one next to La Granja and one near the Sagrada Familia?


    Try to visit the Boqueria for the kaleidoscope of food and drink! You can buy fruit juices, cheese, jamon, eggs etc as well as taste cooked food at one of the 'bars' in the market.

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      Thanks Aleta! We will still be getting used to the time difference so eating late won't be a problem (and I have a giant cross your fingers on that one.) One day I hope to be back in Barcelona without kids so I can do some serious eating as well. I find that when traveling en famille it is best to pretend the better places don't even exist.
      Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out! and feel free to send your sausage jokes along...

      1. re: restaurantarian

        I'd rather you cross your fingers and hope to go back to Barcelona WITH the kids in a few years! Barcelona is such an interesting place for people of all ages and children are very welcome, even in fancy restaurants.

        I travel with a 12yo and he really enjoys eating in Barcelona.

        You might be planning a visit to Barceloneta beach. There are lots of seafood and paella restaurants along Passeig de Joan de Borbo. I like Kaiku but it's all the way down the road, almost at the beach. Needs reservations too. An easier place that is open for lunch and dinner is El Rey de la Gamba.

      2. re: Aleta

        Aleata, if the churreria on C/ Banys Nous has a name, I don't know what it is. It just as a big sign that says Xurreria. It's a few doors up from La Granja. That's why people do the Xurreria/Granja combo for merienda (afternoon snack).

        The one near Sagrada Familia is just called Xurreria Sagrada Familia, but it's just one amongst a ton of churrerias. Some people like the one on Via Laietana, but I never thought it was anything special.

        Granjas are extremely family friendly. You'll often see grandparents taking their grandchildren there on Sunday afternoons and even on weekdays after school.

        nother great place for merienda is Caelum. I can't say enough good things about that place. Their pastries and confections are terribly good and their drinking chocolate is very thick and very tasty (order the one with brandy). The staff is also very friendly. It's hard to leave there without stocking up on their nun and monk made treats from all over Spain and parts of France. I have daydreams about their brandy soaked and chocolate covered figs.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          Thanks, Snack Happy!

          A friend was mentioning Caelum just the other day. I didn't realize they sell the convent/monastery products. Will have to stop in for those figs. They could turn a rainy day into a sunny one!

          1. re: Aleta

            I just tripped acrosss the review of your trip and it was very useful. Sadly, I will be skipping the fancier restaurants but it sounded like a great vacation! And guess what? I'm from Toronto too. ;)

            1. re: restaurantarian


              It's a small, small world! I don't know how you found that old thing but glad it helped. We've done a lot more traveling and eating since then and we have a whole summer coming up. [ We eat like paupers for 9 months so that we can dine like kings for 3. Crazy, I know! ]

              I hope you treat yourself (and family, of course) to at least 1 of the board favourites. If you are sightseeing around Passeig de Gracia, stop in at Tapac24.

              When exactly are you going? I guess it'll be sometime in the summer, what with kids on vacation, eh?