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Jun 4, 2011 04:58 PM

Kid-friendly bistros/restaurants in and around the Paris 6th

We're renting an apartment in Paris for a week, in the 6th on Rue de Four, and are traveling with our 18-month old daughter.

We're definitely planning several foodie nights out but still want to eat well when with our 2 1/2 foot companion.

She's generally well-behaved at restaurants, so we would love some suggestions on kid-friendly places where we don't have to sacrifice our palates. And no, we're not changing our itinerary to go to Italy. :-)

Lunch/dinner/bistro/patisserie. I would welcome any recommendations! Merci.

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  1. Check out rue Guisarde, south of and parallel to rue de Four. While this is a touristy area, it is also where locals eat. Machon d'Henri serves at lunch and from 8pm continuously until closing. The room is tiny so you can easily take your daughter out to the (pedestrian only) street should she need some space during your meal.

    Besides Henri, rue Guisarde is wall to wall small, casual and mostly decent restaurants. Close by on rue de Seine is Gerard Mulot, a seriously good source of pastry and picnic stuff. Across blvd St. Germain is rue du Buci that offers up an entire street of casual food options. Monoprix near the intersection of Rennes and St. Germain has a complete food department where you can pull together a fine picnic.

    You will find yourself surrounded by food options that should welcome your daughter. (Do avoid Leon de Bruxelles which is grim.)

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      Thank you mangeur. Wonderful suggestions!

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        Another to avoid would be Vagenende, despite thr kid menu. Le Petit Fernand has a kid menu and good classic bistro fare.