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Jun 4, 2011 03:51 PM

HELP, please. Need monkey bread near Fredericksburg/Richmond/Virginia Beach

I am planning a vacation and have been poring over travel books, Chowhound and websites looking for good restaurants. Somewhere I came across a menu on a website that listed monkey bread under breakfast items. My kids love monkey bread and I thought this would be cool. However, it is not in the restaurant I thought it was. Any suggestions, please, on restaurants that serve this? We will be driving down I-81 across through Culpeper to Fredericksburg and then down to Richmond and Petersburg before heading to Virginia Beach area. Thanks.

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  1. I found it! Stronghill Dining Company.

    Stronghill Dining Company
    1200 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230

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    1. re: aekbooth

      That's a pretty good restaurant, overall. I think you'll like it!

      1. re: jeanmarieok

        their brunch is AMAZING!!!! seriously. not had the monkey bread but everything else rocks.

        the homemade biscuits and gravy and the lox benedict are both insanely good. and i've brought my kids - definitely a great place. hope you have a fun trip.

        1. re: AMFM

          I just realized we won't be in Richmond on a Sunday. We'll have to try Stronghill for lunch or dinner.

          We will be in Richmond Monday through Thursday morning/afternoon. Any can't miss places? We will need casual places that we can take an 11 year old and 5 year old to. They are both adventurous eaters but we do have a soy allergy.


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            stronghill they could probably do for dinner. the mac n cheese is divine. lulu's is fun and you could bring adventurous kids - but that was before a recent chef change. honestly don't know as well now. kitchen 64 fits the bill as well. super family friendly (but parents too) and near the baseball stadium. i've taken my daughter to comfort too. she was seven at the time. i'd take my now 8 and 5 year olds to all the places on this list. do your kids do ethnic cuisine? and where will you be staying....




            1. re: AMFM

              Comfort and Lulus were on my list. I've added Kitchen 64.

              We all like ethnic cuisine; however, with the soy allergy of my daughter's we try to avoid Asian as a family. Mexican is great. The current favorite in our house is Spanish -- anything with Spanish chorizo, piquillo peppers and manchego cheese is sure to be a hit. Italian and German are also good. If there is a place that has sushi but maybe another nearby that has something without soy, that is a possibility too.

              We are staying at the Best Western (either on Plank or Broad. one is Fredericksburg and the other is Richmond). We plan to do mostly Civil War stuff during the day but also have the Lewis Ginter Gardens and the Science Museum as possibilities.


              Kitchen 64
              3336 N St, Richmond, VA 23223

              1. re: aekbooth

                Lewis Ginter has a little cafe with sandwiches and salads, and a tea house in a separate building. But there are several nice off-site but very close spots, all OK for kids, all casual:
                VA BBQ on Lakeside. <$10/pp. BBQ, hushpuppies. its in a little strip mall just south of Lewis Ginter
                a couple miles further south in the Bellevue neighborhood:
                Tastebuds Cafe on MacArthur Avenue - upscale food, nice wine list
                small plates <$10; mains $15-$20
                The Mill on MacArthur - i think there is a kids area. nice sandwiches, brunch. sidewalk tables. <$10 sandwiches; $12-15 mains
                Dots Back, also on MacArthur. more of a bar than the first two (on some guy fieri show)
                Jazzbos - just a food cart, but pretty good New Orleans po boys, gumbo. <$10 in the parking lot of once upon a vine - a fantastic wine/beer shop

                And on Bellevue Ave -
                Enoteco Sogno - fantastic northern italian. casual. Cannellini bean/arugula app is delicious, light, but enough for a meal. extensive all italian wine list. they go to italy every year wine shopping. apps <$10, mains $15-20. maybe $25 for the whole branzino
                Northside Grille - more casual. big booths. plus a patio. crayons etc for kids. large bar with sports TV, but its not a sports bar. $10-$15 sandwiches, salads, brunch
                Of these, Enoteco Sogno and Tastebuds are the most "upscale"

                From the science Museum you could walk to Avenue 805, a typical Richmond Fan spot, mostly Italian, on Davis Ave. Davis dead-ends Broad St right at the Science Museum. There is also a McDonalds right there too.

                1. re: katva

                  the science museum is super close to kitchen 64 though - so might be a good day for that.

                  if you end up at the virginia historical society (i know they have a civil war exhibit niow - and its free and right next to the art museum which is also free and amazing), there is a great food court on the first floor of the art museum for lunch - seriously. other fan favorites you could take kids are joe's inn (italian), maybe sticky rice (i've never been but sushi and craziness that some people love and i think you could take kids).
                  maybe moshi moshi for sushi in carytown (a fun area to wander) and then can can that's across the street. i think the atmosphere is great but the food overrated but for burgers, french onion soup/french bread, and kids things like a seriously yummy grilled cheese or croque madame it's nice. can eat outside. you could stop by world of mirth and for the love of chocolate (an insane candy store your kids will love) while there. or sweet frog frozen yogurt. other things i know are kind of nowhere near where you're staying or going. and richmond is a lousy town for mexican food - unless you find nate's taco truck.

            2. re: aekbooth

              THANKS Katva and AMFM. I've added your suggestions into my file. I"m really getting excited about this trip, especially Richmond.

      2. Thanks for all your suggestions. We just got back from our trip. We had a wonderful time and Richmond has some great restaurants. But wow! the portion sizes are HUGE.

        We went to Kitchen 64 for lunch. My husband had the club, which I think is made out of an entire loaf of bread and a pound of meat! My children shared the pepperoni pizza. I had a taste of that and it was very good. I had the grilled chicken sandwich with smoked gouda and a roasted red pepper sauce with sweet potato fries. Very good, although I would have liked more of that sauce as a dip for my fries. For dinner, we just grabbed a snack at Galaxy Diner. My son had a grilled cheese and my daughter and husband had hamburgers. My husband had a chocolate shake. I had the fried green tomatoes, fried pickles, and cheese sticks appetizer. The honey mustard had dill and the marinara sauce didn't taste like the normal jarred sauce so either it was homemade or a different brand, but still good.

        The next day we had lunch at The Halligan Bar and Grill. The BBQ was great. I had the combo platter (brisket, chicken and pork) with homemade mac and cheese and cornbread with chipotle butter. I even tried the mac and cheese which I hate. While I wouldn't eat it, it was definitely very, very good. My son ate that for his lunch. My daughter wasn't crazy about the vinegary sauce in the pork sandwich she split with her dad, yet she put vinegar on her fries. For dinner that night, we just got dessert at Sweet 95. I got the Stella sundae with baklava. Delicious but a bit hard to eat since the baklava was dry and the ice cream cold. My children got mint chocolate chip ice cream. I guess their ice cream is handmade by the Creamery which is a local favorite? I can see why. My husband had a hot fudge sundae which he wasn't sharing.

        Our final day in Richmond we went to Comfort for lunch. My husband loved his chicken tarragon sandwich. I forget what the kids had. I had a turkey sandwich with roasted apple mustard and apples and cheese. This was executed well but was a bad choice on my part because I'm not crazy about apples but wanted to try something new. I should have gone with the special which was a cold cucumber melon soup with chilis. We were full but when the waitress asked about dessert, I asked her to just tell us what they have even thought we weren't going to get any. When she said chocolate mousse, my husband's eyes lit up. We shared it and it was gone so fast. So rich. I would love to have that mousse with some Rosa Regale. Perfect! Dinner/dessert that night was at Nacho Mama's. My husband and I split southwestern egg rolls, my daughter and son split tacos. For dessert, I had key lime pie handmade by a staff member, my daughter had the churro sundae and my husband and son split the fried ice cream. That key lime pie was very good. Tart and not your typical key lime.

        Thanks for all the recs. I definitely want to come back and try all the others!!

        Galaxy Diner
        3109 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

        Kitchen 64
        3336 N St, Richmond, VA 23223

        Nacho Mama's
        3449 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

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        1. re: aekbooth

          glad you had fun. kitchen 64 definitely has huge portions. i always laugh at the kid's pasta. crazy!

          1. re: AMFM

            I ordered the Greek spaghetti there and got four....yes 4...meals out of it! Crazy!