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Jun 4, 2011 03:41 PM

Fried Clams in the Chicago Area--prefer whole!

Does anyone know where (if ANYwhere!) in the Chicago area one can get whole fried belly clams? I'd even settle for decent strips at this point!

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  1. On the far north side, the Fish Keg on Howard has them in strips. www.thefishkeg.com On the far southeast side, so does Calumet Fisheries. www.calumetfisheries.com

    Fish Keg
    2233 W Howard St, Chicago, IL 60645

    Calumet Fisheries
    3259 E 95th St, Chicago, IL 60617

    1. I think Fishbar in Lakeview also has whole belly clams, if I remember correctly.

      1. Here are two more places in Chicago that sell fried seafood including clam strips:

        Lawrence's Fisheries - www.lawrencesfisheries.com
        The Shrimp Shack - www.shrimpshack.info

        Lawrence's Fisheries
        2120 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60616

        Shrimp Shack
        6601 W Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638

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            Wano...I owe you and Oboegal finder's fees!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

            1. re: audears

              Happy to share. Will be heading there Aug 9! Had a fried clam fix in Cape Cod a few weeks ago so have a hankering for more.

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                Heading there today, Wano....my daughter is in Wellfleet on the Cape now, and sent pix of her culinary adventures...I have suuuuch a craving! Have you been to FishBar before? If not, I'll be sure to post a mini'review! (I'm from SE Mass...and miss it terribly!) Thanks again!

                1. re: audears

                  Have never been so looking forward to it. Let us know how you enjoy it!

                  When you are back on the Cape, the best chowder I had was in Orleans at Captain Linnell's House. It was the perfect consistency - not too thick and goopy, full of small chunks of potatoes, celery and herbs along with intense fresh clam flavour, and clams of course.

                  Had decent fried clam bellies at JT's in Brewster but I am sure there are a ton of better spots.

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                    Just came back from FB....and guess who sat in my seat when I got up? Rahm Emmanuel! (Much better looking in person! Downright handsome!) The manager, Sasha was great! The drinks were small, came in a 6 oz mason jar---interesting beer selection came in a 12 inch mason jar...The place is rather small, a couple of booths and not too comfy-looking chairs at a bar...so we sat outside at a picnic table...(right across from Illinois Masonic)....The crabby sandwich was really good....fried calamari interesting...came mixed with pickled peppers and jalapenos 'federal style'...and the belly clams were a bit anorexic--small bellies...but any belly is a good belly! They didn't taste like the New England version...some kind of spice in the breading....but it took care of my craving...if you go, see Sasha and tell him Adele and Tim were there! Everything is a la carte, so you get a small paper 'basket' of fried clams, and that's it....the only sides offered are potato tots, garlic bread, and one other thing....so we went next door to DMK and had a peanut butter shake and an apple pie shake afterward....that did the trick! Enjoy...just remember...very small portions...supposedly 1/4 of a lb....

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                      Awesome, thanks for quick update. It is pretty hard to beat Maine seafood!

                      Maybe next time you will be next to Oprah or the Prez!

        1. You can get fried whole Belly Clams at the New England Seafood Company located at 3341 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. The Clams were delicious !