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Jun 4, 2011 03:22 PM

Long Island Eats (low-key)

Hi everyone!! Happy summer.

Looking to get out of the city for a day this week and take a train ride out to LI for a low-key lunch. No real requirements, except that the place be within walking distance of some LIRR train stop and clearly not be in Manhattan any more : )

Thanks in advance! KOBI

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  1. Check out my review of Vinoco in Mineola. It's one or two blocks away from the Mineola train station. They do have a separate lunch menu, some of the choices I can remember are a foie gras burger, shrimp tempura wrap.... I know there were several things on the menu that sounded interesting. I had a couple drinks there and now I can't remember all of them!

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    1. This "Great bites near the LIRR" guide from Newsday should help%3

      Edit: double check before going; some places have closed.

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      1. You don't say what kind of cuisine, price range, etc. that you are looking for but here are a few broad suggestions by train line:

        Long Beach - there are several restaurants along E. & W. Park Ave. in Long Beach and one (Atlantica @ the Allegria Hotel) overlooking the ocean. Nice if you want to take a walk on the boardwalk or the beach.

        Port Washington - lots of restaurants and small shops along Main Street. Next to the Town Dock is Louies Oyster Bar and Grill overlooking Manhasset Bay - great view, food is sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Also an icecream shop in Inspiration Wharf (next to Louie's).

        Oyster Bay - several restaurants (Wild Honey is v. good) and Teddy Roosevelt's summer home a Sagamore Hill - house tours, nature trails. You would need to get a taxi to Sagamore as it is a bit of a walk.

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          perfect!! exactly what i was looking for. thanks.

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            Love Louie's. Great view, I've always had good food. Love the creme brulee - the flavor changes daily!

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              I ate at Louie's on Memorial Day and the food was better then it has been in a long time. That being so, it was still adequate at best. The view from the deck of the sun setting made it enjoyable. The lounge singer was annoying as was the crowd. Lobster roll was one of the worst ones I have ever eaten. Steak was good, for a fish joint,as was the broiled fish and steamed lobster.The beer was cold. I would only return if I had an outside table, and at a quiet time. Also, it is nowhere near the train station as per OP's request.

              Louie's Oyster Bar and Grille
              395 Main St, Port Washington, NY 11050

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                Louie's is definitely a go to for the view and the food is hit or miss as I mentioned. I think the OP was looking for a city escape for a day and Louie's was just a recommendation for a relaxing, casual, nice view kind of place. BTW, Louie's and the town dock area is no more than 15-20 minute walk at most from the PW train station.
                So Kobi, where did you end up?

                1. re: EM23

                  unfortunately my schedule changed, and i now think my city escape is going to be two weeks from today. once i go, though, i will absolutely report back. thanks again, all, for the much-needed advice.

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              I think you could throw Garden City, Rockville Centre, and Great Neck in that mix, too. Lots of choices, steps from train stations that are likely within 45 minutes.

              1. re: GCGuy

                Oooh. Rockville Centre - lots of goodies there.

            3. I'd reccomend trying Lola in Great Neck. It's really a great meal, such adventurous eating for Long Island. Really unexpected.