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Jun 4, 2011 03:06 PM

L'atelier, Fiamma, Bouchon - good mix? Rethink? Pls weigh in...

I'm off to Vegas for a few days mid week at the end of the month. I've been before, a year or two ago, and enjoyed stellar dinners at L'atelier de Joel Robuchon, Fiamma, and Bouchon. Also enjoyed brunch and breakfast and anything else I could get in my mouth at variable times of day at Bouchon...I heart Thomas Keller.

Anyway - I'm with different travelling companions this time and am wondering if things have changed re: my restaurant picks. Are they still top notch?

I haven't seen Fiamma popping up in many discussions here, although it seems that l'atelier and Bouchon are still consistently fabulous. Good plan on my end? Should I reconsider? Please weigh in & thanks as always.

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. I went to Fiamma once and was very disappointed. I wouldn't go back.

    The food was slapped together with very little attention, and wasn't very good. I recall a pasta dish that was gloopy, like Elmer's glue. The place was terrifically loud. The service was mediocre.

    Just my two cents.

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      my experience at fiamma was similar to fwagra. would not recommend at all. but then again, i'm also down on atelier -- some very small portions of very very expensive food that is quite tasty, but the service is far too slow and i can't justify the tab. bouchon is very good, but is comme ca better? i've not been to comme ca yet.

    2. thanks for the responses.

      ended up at l'atelier last night and had a WONDERFUL meal...i agree that its uber expensive considering the actual amount of food, perhaps, that you're eating, but the presentation and flavor profiles as well as the very thoughtful and attentive service made for a wonderful dining experience. we had a really enjoyable dinner.
      i opted out of fiamma - had a decent meal there 4 years ago but it seems to have taken a turn. we're headed to sage @ aria this evening...excited to check that out.
      and then tomorrow night is bouchon - can't speak for comma ca, but i'm a huge bouchon fan and am eagerly anticipating dinner there as well...

      will let you know how sage & bouchon pan out.