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Jun 4, 2011 03:04 PM

Ocean City dining review

Just got back from OC. I found it very difficult to find much info on dining in OC so here are my reviews. We were only there for 2 nights, so didn't get a chance to try too many places.

TJs- got some fresh squeezed lemonade. I'm sure all the boardwalk places are pretty much the same when it comes to this. It was yummy though.

Shrivers - I like the's nice to watch them making candy in the back. I thought the taffy had a softer than usual texture which is nice for some folks that can't chew traditional taffy. But the flavors were too mild. Same thing with the fudge. Wonderful, soft, creamy texture, but the chocolate flavor was bland. BUT do go two doors down to Shrivers gelato. That was excellent! Shrivers has coupons for 50 cents off. I had the chocolate and one of my companions had the espresso. Both were wonderful with intense flavors.

Fralingers - much chewier taffy with more intense flavor. The also have John's (??) brand which is made without milk for those with sensitivities. I preferred Fralingers over Shrivers.

Steele fudge - nice chocolate flavor but it was grainy.

Hula Grill - excellent dinner. I really enjoyed this place. Dinners come with sticky rice and a salad with papaya dressing. I would go here again.

Next to Hula Grill is Bashful Banana. It has a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. All I sampled was the banana whip which is a frozen banana put into a juicer. It comes out like ice cream. I added strawberries, raspberries, and chocolate chips. It was a tasty, yet healthy dessert.

Had one breakfast at Cafe Beach Club. It's at the Beach Club Hotel. Fruit cup was nice....banana strawberries and blueberries. Bagel was no better than a frozen Lenders. Pancakes were awful. The chocolate pancakes came with no chips in the batter and only about 10-12 trips sprinkled on top. Hubby like his omelet and said the home fries were very good.

Uncle Bill's Pancakes - way over-rated. Service was pretty bad. Pancakes were mediocre. They don't serve them with real maple syrup. Fruit cup was good...made fresh daily. Wouldn't go back.

The highlight of the trip was All Natural Pizza on Asbury Ave. This stuff is amazing. Some of the best pizza I've ever had. They make their own crust...regular or wheat. No lard or sugar in the crust. We had a spinach pizza on wheat and a plain cheese. I would go here over and over and over again.

Hula Grill
940 Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ 08226

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  1. Hey There Rizzo,,,

    I would reccomend a few others,,,,,

    Georges on the boardwalk and fifth,,,great breakfast,,,awesome homemade ice cream,,,and the most divine macaroons,,,,plain, dark or milk chocolate dipped,

    Boyars Market on Asbury,,,,its all take out but some of the best on the "island", Everything from a huge value priced bucket of real bbq chicken to grilled filet mignon,

    My wife and kids are addicted to Kohrs Frozen Custard and Mack n Manco Pizza,,,just not for me! Glad you had a good time..We'll be making our yearly trek soon!

    1. I think the problem with restaurant recs. in Ocean City is that the no alcohol served, no BYOB allowed law is a big issue for many vacationing foodies. I'd head south on Landis for Sea Isle City's Mike's Seafood, Carmen's Seafood, or Basilico's. which aren't far. I do like OC in general. Just wanted to mention Brown's donuts on the OC boardwalk too.

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        South on West which runs into Landis.