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Jun 4, 2011 12:27 PM

I Beg Your Padrón

Organic Padróns from Mexico at Monterey Market at $3.98 a pound. Have not had a chance to prepare them yet.

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    1. re: sydthekyd

      A Padron is a pepper for which an interest develops about this time each year and for which the price ranges up to 25+ dollars a pound. I still haven't had a chance to prepare mine in the traditional manner of frying in a little olive oil and salting. Every so often one of them is a little hotter than the others.

      I an surprised you haven't noticed them before.

      1. re: sydthekyd

        A very tasty pepper and fast becoming popular. The simple olive oil and salt prep makes a delicious side.

      2. Have you ever read Calvin Trillins essay about them? It's great.

        1. Well someone bought them all. I will check again later this week.

          1. I got a handful of what County Line farms says are padrons today in my box at Namu.

            But they're 3-4 inches long, spicier than usual, and I suspect are something else. Any guesses?

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            1. re: Windy

              When I went back to get some more padron's, sadly gone, I noticed the shishito looked remarkably like what I bought yesterday but with colors from green to red.

              1. re: wolfe

                Yes, shishito was what I guessed but without the great pictures. Thanks Wolfe.

                The only padrons I've had have been from Mariquita or restaurants who buy from them, and they're rarely longer than two inches.

                1. re: Windy

                  Sauteed the largish padrons for my kitchen crew and found more of them to be "hotter" than usual. The one Eritrean in the crowd was quite happy with them. Tomorrow will try with shishitos which are also $3.98 a pound.

                  1. re: wolfe

                    Shishito peppers are generally pretty mild although one out of every 5 or 6 is really spicy, which makes for a fun game of who gets the spicy shishito.

                    Shishitos tend to be bigger/longer -- padrons are typically no bigger than a thumb.

                    1. re: mhuang

                      There have been several times where the padrons I bought at MM were large as were this batch. The shishitos are similar in size and as you mention apparently just as quirky with the heat.

                    2. re: wolfe

                      I grow padrons every year. They get hotter the larger they are, and also slightly tougher. The small ones, 1-2 inches, are the best for frying. Only 1 in 10 is spicy, which is why padrons became popular, for the russian roulette effect.

                      Padron popularity peaked a couple of years ago, and shishitos seem to be up and coming as the new padron. They grow larger without becoming overly spicy.

                      Honestly I find some of the italian frying peppers to be tastier than both padrons and shishitos, but they're not spicy. The melrose pepper, which is italian in origin but named for melrose park, IL, is particularly awesome.

              2. I just picked up some Padrons from Whole Foods Los Altos @ 3.99 per pound.

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                1. re: mhuang

                  They are also back at Monterey Market, organic from Jacobs Farms in Mexico $4.98 and smaller than the last batch.

                  1. re: mhuang

                    I also did, at Whole Foods on Franklin in SF.