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Jun 4, 2011 10:56 AM

Should I cut the tops off beets and kohlrabi for storage?

Just bought a bunch of each from the local farmer's market, and I'm wondering if I should cut the greens off before putting them in the fridge for storage? Thanks!

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  1. if I am not cooking the greens with the roots I separate them and cook the greens soon, as they don't keep as well as the beets. I leave a few inches of stem. If I am going to use them together I just leave them attached, but again, the greens don't keep that well.

    1. The greens will keep better if they are attached to the roots, but you should use the greens within a day or two. If you're not keeping the greens (and you really should because they are delicious and nutritious), it doesn't really matter when you cut them off.

      1. I highly recommend you cut and use the tops as a side dish as soon as you can after purchase. And the stems are excellent so don't toss those. Just cut them thin and they will cook as quick as the leaves. Gives great flavor and texture to the greens.