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Jun 4, 2011 10:45 AM

ISO Gai Bow in South Bay

I haven't had a good one since I was a kid in SF; the one I had at Dynasty last week was filled with an unidentifiable protein - definitely did not look nor taste like chicken, even though the cart lady said it was. Any tips from Chowhounds? TIA.

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  1. Do not remember exactly where I got a San Francisco style Gai Bow but down the street from Southern Fried Chicken place Southern Table ? (34th Street off of El Camino Real or so) was a Chinese takeout which I got last year a fairly decent Gai Bow. It was not outstanding but was decent. Since I go to the City on often I have not been back. Give it a try.

    I do remember it cost more then the city ones and was not as good. Now with your post I will need to pick up some again soon.