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Jun 4, 2011 09:21 AM

Favorite Taqueria Or Taco Cart For Scratch Tortillas

I'll never cease to be amazed at how many eaters can't tell the difference between a scratch tortilla, made by the taquera moments before being served and a tortilla from a factory.

While it's true that you can get good tortillas from local kingpin El Milagro's tortilla factory, the best in town are coming from the skilled hands of cooks like Lupita at La Fogata, Angela at La Flor and the queen of tortillas Yolanda at El Taco Rico.

But I know there are many other taquerias in town where they're taking the time to provide point of origin tortillas for their tacos.

Which is the theme of this thread.

Where are y'all getting top flight, scratch tortillas, either corn or flour these days?

El Taco Rico
810 Vargas Rd, Austin, TX 78741

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  1. As much as I love Fiesta Mart and their $100,000 tortilla making machine I think the difference between their product and nearby cart La Canaria is profound.

    Almost any time of day when you run by Fiesta you can get a lovely bag of still-warm, corn tortillas and have a very good wrapper for your filling of choice.

    Hell, when Iliana de la Vega opened up her little cart on Rainey she chose Fiesta as her tortilla provider.

    Then there's La Canaria. It's fairly close to Fiesta, a mile or so up the road but the difference in tortilla quality is immeasurable.

    I just rolled by Maria's little cart for a quick chorizo and bean breakfast taco.

    She was good and busy but still had time to chat while she made my taco, pressing out the tortilla and placing it on the comal while the chorizo sizzled on the flat top.

    It just doesn't get any better than that.

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      I second La Canaria, corner of 51st Street and Airport, but don't stop with the tortillas. Try one of their gorditas served on a hot, freshly grilled cake of that delicious masa.
      They have also served me some of the best chicharones I've had in Austin (other than my own home made), but this one dish is inconsistent. Usually they are the same wet, mushy chicharones you get anywhere, and they are tasty that way. But on occasion they are served firm and spicy with heavenly bits of a well cooked crispy layer that is just fantastic.

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        Finally made it by La Canaria this morning... top-notch bean and cheese on corn. Though good, I was less enamored with the flour tortilla. I'll be back soon.

      2. I have to say that the best tortillas I've had in recent times were in Marfa... I know it's far away and therefore maybe a little off topic, but if any of you are out there anytime soon, go get breakfast burritos from Marfa Burrito (often just called "the burrito lady").

        They're flour tortillas that she actually individually rolls out to order. They're a little thicker and fluffier than your average tortilla, almost a little bit like naan... they get a little charred and blistered in the pan. I got one with chorizo, egg, potatoes and cheese; it was pretty much the best breakfast burrito I've ever had.

        1. i just tried the new amigo's in the artisan complex on parmer.
          the smattering of yelp reviews mention hand-made tortillas.
          but, hand-made by whom?
          i did not see or taste any evidence of this claim.
          and their dinky kitchen makes keeps the menu limited.
          the food was pretty meh (more to follow in another thread).

          with all the trumpeting of local, hand-made, artisan blah blah blah...
          wish more places would advertise if they do indeed offer scratch tortillas.

          1. bah pinche board is eating my post and I have to run, no time to re-write a third time. will check in later. wish there was a delete feature.

            1. Sadly, a recent trip to Cafe del Sol involved store-bought Mission tortillas. Guess the scratch ones were too much to sustain.

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                wow. Inside southwest key? please tell me it's some kind of sick joke. those gals are proud,devoted Mexican cooks, their flour tortillas are right up there with el rincon.

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                  I wish I could. The unfortunate evidence was sitting in the cooler across from the Coke fridge. Hopefully it was some sort of emergency substitute. Everything else was cooked to order, including a small batch of migas for a single taco.

                  But, yeah, I noticed the bag while sipping my coffee... was too late to back out.