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Jun 4, 2011 08:16 AM

10 Best Things - 2011 Edition

Probably about time to start throwing it into this thread (and it was about the same time a few years back when it was first done here)

Mine has significantly changed actually...

Sai Krok Isan Sausage - Bambu

Pansit palabok - Shojimoto

Hokkien Lor Mee - Blue Ginger Garden

Banh mi pate - La Me

Enmoladas - Mesa

Khao Soi - Andaman Thai

Takoyaki - Sushi Robata

Uni 3 ways - Teppo

Lemon chicken with Capers - Nonna Tata

Chocolate Mousse - Nonna Tata

Nonna Tata
1400 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Andaman Thai Restaurant
508 S Elm St Ste F, Denton, TX 76201

Sushi Robata
4727 Frankford Rd, Dallas, TX 75287

1930 N Coit Rd #100, Richardson, TX 75080

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  1. That mousse is beyond descriptive words.

    1. Hmm this is a hard one for me. I have many of the same as air. I will have to think back on what I have had so far. Most of mine for late 2010 and into 2011 were from my trips to NYC and LA.

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      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        But that's the point is to contain it to our local area.

        Cocoanut: I really want to try everything on Nonna Tata's menu. Dinner last night was the best meal I've had this year.

        Nonna Tata
        1400 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

        1. re: air

          Do you mean only resto fare? If yes, stop reading here. I just did a run to the gourmet shop at Sigels on Inwood in Addison, I'm a happy cheese mouse. I went to score the remainder of a Fleur d' Aunis wheel that is wonderfully ripened to my taste, and to my delight, Theresa has a new wheel of Saint Agur blue that is extraordinary. I passed on my customary salty stilton and went with a milder d' Auvergne blue to accompany my spanish serrano ham which is sufficiently salty. I bought a roast duck, and learned to my surprise that they don't sell the duck fat. Theresa gave me almost 2 pints of duck fat, gratis.
          Back to that St. Agur blue, please leave me a wedge...Oh, and Theresa gave me a good deal on a large brie wedge because it is ripe and slightly ammoniated, exactly the way I like it. She and I have started a beautiful friendship. All this plus a nice 5 year Madeira will make for good snackin' over the weekend.

          1. re: Veggo

            What time should I come over to your house? LOL!

        2. re: LewisvilleHounder

          N'djuja - Lucia - Richardson
          Octopus Stew - Lucia - Richardson
          Kai Mod Daeng ( Catfish and Red Ant Lavae Soup - Bambu Esan Special Dinner - Richardson
          Oysters with Kratin Leaves - Bambu Esan Special Dinner - Richardson
          Yum Pra Kee Liew (Beef Tripe Salad) - Bambu Esan Dinner - Richardson
          Imperial and IPA, ESB, Kombucha, and Homemade flavored tea - Backyard brew gathering in Denton
          Hash browns - Loco Cafe - Denton
          Epic Backyard Crawfish and Beer Tasting - Colleyville
          Lengua Tacos - El Burrito Loco - Grapevine
          Mesa Horchata mixed drink and Rabo de Res al Acuyo - Mesa - Dallas

          Burrito Loco
          3701 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220

          1930 N Coit Rd #100, Richardson, TX 75080

        3. Lockhart BBQ--Sliced Brisket, Jalapeno Sausage

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          1. re: Dallassooner

            Had a late lunch there Saturday. Everything was excellent!
            Hmm, thanks for reminding me. I still have a (huge) rib in the fridge that I brought home.

          2. Here's mine. I am sure I will think of others later.

            Ndjuja – Lucia
            Burger – Wingfield’s
            Xalapa Roll – Zen Sushi
            Soba with pecan dipping sauce – Tei An
            Brisket – Lockhart Smokehouse
            Whole Branzini – Nova
            Baba Ghanoush – Samar
            Cauliflower Soup – Lucia
            Mango chili ice cream – La Original Michoacana
            Assorted roasted mushrooms - Craft

            Zen Sushi
            380 W 7th St, Dallas, TX 75208

            1. For me Lockhart Smokehouse is definitely on the list.

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              1. re: luniz

                Another thing I liked was the cauliflower Kathmandu at Sutra, I make a similar (at least I think so) version at home now.