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Austin Area/Centex Beer

"Devil's Backbone" Belgian Style Trippel - is a freaking good beer. Very well balanced, some may say a bit citrusy, but I like that. Get it while it's available.

What else do you like that is brewed in Central Texas?

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  1. Also from real ale, for the winter, their Sisyphus barley wine is very good. My lawnmower beer is Fireman's 4, so I'm a big fan of real ale co. I run hot and cold on the independence brewery products... I like them but don't seek them out. I've not has enough of 512's brews to comment, for the summer I enjoy the live oak pilz... I explect like most discussions of beer, everyone's opinions are going to vary pretty widely.

    1. Yes! I had that beer at House Pizzeria. It's really, really good... normally I'm a little wary of trippels because they're a bit too sweet for me, but The Devil's Backbone is perfect. Do they even bottle it? I need to check Whip In.

      One that I keep going back to lately is Independence's Freestyle. It's a hefeweizen, but it tastes nothing like your typical citrusy, light ones. It's got a little bit of Fat Tire in it... a little more roasty. Definitely worth buying.

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        Yes, they do bottle it- that's how I've had it. I'd love to try it on draft at House P. It isn't too malty - but you can taste the malt in balance with the hops and other flavors. Even in the bottle, it was very impressive.

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          They have it on draft at Red's on Lamar, which is how I had it. Really tasty.

          They rotate taps quickly there, so if you're going for that reason only, definitely call ahead.

      2. I'm a fan of Devil's Backbone as well and I'm hoping they bottle it again this year. I tend to drink Fireman's 4 and Live Oak Hefe when it's hot out. Recently, I've been enjoying Jester Kings beer. I've had their Commercial Suicide(on tap at the Draught House) and the Black Metal Imperial Stout(bottle at Opals).

        1. I talked to Whip In earlier - they have it on draft now and will have it in bottles sometime soon.

          1. My favorite readily-available bottle is Independence's Bootlegger Brown, which is gloriously rich and malty without being overpowering. For an overpowering seasonal treat, though, I favor Black Star's Moontower, which is probably my favorite beer ever.

            1. I'm not a beer connoisseur, but I was blown away by the new Rover golden ale at Black Star Co-op. They use a Belgian yeast and lots of local, wildflower honey which gives it just a hint of lovely sweetness.

              I also love Live Oak's Hefeweizen.

              1. (512) Pecan Porter is quite tasty but not suited for 100 degrees outside.

                1. FYI

                  Wednesday is $2.50 Texas Draft Beer Day at Opal Devine's. I only frequent the one located on S. Congress, but they have lots of the beers mentioned above on tap: three or four each from Real Ale, Independence, (512) Brewing, Live Oak, Thirsty Planet, as well as both Jester King's Witchmaker and Commercial Suicide, a few St Arnold's, Circle Brewing's Amber (which I found to be pretty nutty for an Amber), and a few other Texas rotating taps.

                  No, I do not work there, I just live close by.

                  I cried last year when the Devil's Backbone disappeared for the season. I found this season's production to be a bit sweeter than I remember from last year, but I still love it.

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                    To keep in line with the drink specials thing:
                    The draughthouse has some decent specials throughout the week.


                    Sunday most Texas craft pints 2.75
                    Monday all Stouts and Porters are 2.75 (still good in the summer =)
                    )Tuesday most pints are 2.75

                    I personally have been digging the Wytchmaker IPA from Jesterking. Also Live Oak Pilz is classic. Curious to see if Austin Beerworks' Pils will be a competitor.

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                      Austin Beerworks' Pale Ale (Peacemaker) and IPA (Fire Eagle) are both pretty solid; especially the Fire Eagle which doesn't veer too herbal or ABV w/r/t lots of IPAs. I've only had either at the Draught House, but suspect that will change soon enough.

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                        Supposedly Austin Beerworks has a 'meet & greet' at Blackstar next week on Monday. Saw it on Facebook. They should have their 'Black Thunder' Schwarzbier on tap as well. Really looking forward to them canning, as more beers in can is a good thing.

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                        Draughthouse's Tuesday pint night is pretty awesome.

                        few more beers to add%3

                        Live Oak Hefeweizen (one of my all time fave Texas beers)

                        (512) Whiskey Barrel Double Pecan Porter

                        Every single Jester King beer I've tried has been wonderful. Favorites are Wytchmaker Rye, Black Metal, and Drink'n the Sunbelt

                        Independence Stash IP

                        Real Ale Lost Gold IPA - make sure to get this on cask if possible

                        Real Ale XIV Anniversary (probably all gone)

                        raught House Malt Ball - such a unique beer!