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Jun 4, 2011 03:44 AM

Barcelona: Filling in gaps - esp Monday!

Am landing in BCN Sat 2PM... leaving Tues 11AM.

So far, have booked Cinc Sentits for Saturday's Dinner.
Have El Bulli booked for Sunday Lunch.
Will stay over in Roses Sunday - any recommendations for dinner or will El Bulli be enough?

What I'm lost for now is where to eat Monday?
It seems like all the recommended places are closed then.
Budget's not an issue - just wanted to experience the best Barcelona has to offer so if you guys could throw out suggestions on where to hit up, that'd be great.


Also, feel free to add any must trys - whether that is before dinner on Sat or on the drive to/from El Bullit etc.

El Bulli
Spain , ES

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  1. Hello there swl123!
    You are very lucky indeed...
    what time are your reservations for el Bulli?
    it's many many if you have res. late lunch, i don't think you'll want dinner!

    As for Barcelona Monday
    When are you going to be in Barcelona?
    In August, many places close for the Summer....

    Its hard to recomend something without much detail of what you like, but these are ones to look for:
    Tickets & 41 Degrees by the Adria's Bros. (although it might be overkill if you'll be going to el Bulli)

    Review the following, hope it help you decide:

    Lasarte, by Martin Berasategui
    Via Veneto (classic)

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    1. re: yesilovestotravel

      It will be a 1pm reservation this month.
      Am looking for something different than El Bulli and Cinc Sentits. Would you pick from your list from top to bottom? I think I will skip Tickets/41 Degrees... unless anybody thinks I should definately go after having been to El Bulli.

      El Bulli
      Spain , ES

      1. re: swl123


        I'm going to assume that you have never been to Barcelona before.

        After your spectacular lunch at El Bulli (I'm jealous too!) , I wouldn't bother to have another sit-down meal. Instead, go for a nice walk, enjoy the scenery, thank your lucky stars for this experience and give yourself the time to 're-play' your afternoon. If you really want to eat, have a nice drink and maybe fish dinner. There's a place that people talk about in Roses, can't remember the name tho'.

        Back in Barcelona, I would choose sthg completely different from molecular or modern for Saturday lunch and Monday.

        On Saturday, before your Cinc Sentits dinner, consider the bars at the Mercat de La Boqueria or cheese-tasting at Formatgeria La Seu in Barri Gotic. It's an artisanal cheese shop with 3 kinds of cheese ice cream. The wine bar next door, Bar Zim, carries very nice Catalan wines by the glass plus homemade pa amb tomaquet and artisanal cold cuts.

        On Monday, consider La Dama, for classic Catalan. Several CH members have previously recommend this place for the best, upscale fine dining experience in traditional cuisine. It's also housed in a Moderniste architectural gem. After Cinc Sentits, El Bulli and La Dama, I think it's safe to say that you will have experienced a pretty good spectrum of the riches of Catalunya.

        1. re: Aleta

          I ended up going to La Dama on a Sunday in May based on recommendations on this board that it would be the best bet that night. The restaurant is in a very interesting Art Nouveau building but that's theonly nice thing I can say about it. Maybe one dish was well seasoned and executed. The rest were average at best and it was one of the most expensive meals we had in Barcelona. While you can never be sure, I don't think it was an off night either. It is basically impossible to pay that much for such an underwhelming meal in Montreal, so you can imagine my disappointment.

          Incidentally, I also thought Cinc Sentits was overhyped, and much preferred my meal at SaĆ¼c-- very well thought out and executed plates. Tickets was, unsurprisingly, amazing.