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Jun 3, 2011 11:47 PM

Takoyanen for takoyaki (octopus balls) - Thurs Ferry Bldg Farmers' Mkt, SF

I wanted to try Takoyanen from the Delicia people. They have a stand outside at the Ferry Bldg Farmers' Market on Thurs from 10a-2p.

Only thing they sell are the takoyaki (octopus balls) 8 for $5 & individual size Ito En tea bottles $2.25. Don't eat them right away because they are hot. I looked around for a table & took a bunch of pics before starting & still too hot. They grill them, then they put a shoyu glaze, sprinkle of green onions, mayo, & bonito flakes.

I thought they needed to be cooked more. Too mushy & not much octopus in them. The toothpicks don't help pick them up since it's just a goopy mess, forks or chopsticks would be better.

It's all about the timing here too. I got the last of a batch they just made. If they run out, then you have to wait 15 min to get your order. Tried it, probably won't get it again.

nyone else try it?


10-2pm outside during Thurs Ferry Bldg Farmers' Mkt


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  1. I tried them last week (their first week at the market). I have never had a takoyaki before so I have nothing to compare them to and no preconceived notions. I loved the flavors in Delica's but I was expecting them to be a little drier than they were. I watched them being made and they kind of looked like ebelskiver to me, very pancakey. Although ebelskiver are indeed dryer, so I don't know if the mushiness was due to to a failure in execution or if that's just how they were supposed to be. Did not taste the octopus, just noticed a textural change when I got to the octopus chunk in the center. All in all, I was glad I tried them but there are other things that I prefer so wouldn't get these again. I'd love to know if these are exactly how they are supposed to be or if there is a better example of takoyaki to be found.

    1 Ferry Bldg, San Francisco, CA

    1. sorry, but that doesn't resemble any takoyaki I've had in Japan or at the SF Cherry Blossom Festival in J-town - and I certainly wouldn't like it mushy. Try making it at home, hhc.

      1. the takoyaki here doesn't compare with ones i've had at j-town, quicklys, or let's roll.
        takoyanenn lacks octopus filling and the filling is different, almost all batter. shoyu sauce is a variant also

        no comparison at all. they shouldn't call it takoyaki. what's japanese for pancake balls?

        1. Looks like an epic fail! Takoyaki should be ROUND. Off the list for next trip.

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          1. re: grayelf

            Four for $2.99 at Let's Roll at 2190 Irving Street @ 23rd Avenue - perfectly round with tender pieces of tako. Eat them while they're hot.

            1. re: Cynsa

              Those look awesome and nothing like the ones at Delica. What is shaved over the top?

              1 Ferry Bldg, San Francisco, CA

              1. re: farmersdaughter

                Hee, I haven't had these t-balls and I know what it is: bonito flakes! They will even dance (odori) a little if the takoyaki are hot enough. The Let's Roll ones look much more like what I'd be looking for. And you do have to risk the burnt donk to eat them while they're hot, Cynsa :-).

                1. re: grayelf

                  yes, that's katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) dancing on top with nori (seaweed), mayonnaise (Kewpie brand), and takoyaki sauce.
                  Nibble delicately on these hot searing treats, I do not recommend that you pop the entire ball into your mouth at once.
                  Let's Roll's takoyaki is soft inside with the consistency of mashed potatoes, I think I like it but will require more tastings to confirm. hehehe

              2. re: Cynsa

                i must have had a bad batch. my octopus was kind of tuff and chewy when i got it.
                inside was gooey not with batter but mayo and something else.

                as for takoyaki yum near temescal, their balls weren't totally cooked either. the insides still liquid. they had more octopus within and used okonomayaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed as toppings. leaning toward roll, yum, takoyanen in that order.

                none of yum's ingredients were homemade, all store bought. a twist in yum's rendition, the addition of red ginger strips which gave the balls a "strange" taste.
                (3/$$ or 6/$6).

                each takoyaki vendor had strengths and weaknesses. no definite "winner". a lot depends on personal perference.

            2. If we're comparing, I think Izakaya Sozai has the best in the City.

              Izakaya Sozai
              1500 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122