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Jun 3, 2011 08:55 PM

Indonesian Food Bazaar this Sunday

(June 5)

Outside the Al-Hikmah Mosque, 48-01 31st Ave. (at 48th St.), Astoria, Queens

There's a somewhat oblique announcement on the mosque's website in Indonesian, but I got the word from some of the ladies who will be cooking there (thanks, Bu Sri and Bu Uci!), and I believe them. The theme of this month's bazaar will be chicken.

Masjid Al-Hikmah
48-01 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11103

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  1. Do you know when this years June Bazaar will be???? Thanks1

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    1. re: lanabana

      I'm a little totally confused because this post was posted on Sunday, June 3rd, but it has June 5th in parantheses (a Tuesday)...
      Anyway, according a whole other chowhound thread which seems reliable, the next bazaar will be on Sunday, June 17th.

      1. re: parkslopemama

        Hey! So I realized that this post was from 2011. The 2012 June Bazaar, according to geckoFeet is June 17th! See here for the most recent chatter about it:

        1. re: lanabana

          hee hee. Some people live in the past.