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Jun 3, 2011 08:47 PM

Clotted Cream / Kaymak - Where in DFW?

Where can you buy clotted cream (or a similar product like Devonshire cream or kaymak) in the DFW area?

Extra points for a location north of DFW airport (Coppell/ Grapevine/ Las Colinas/ Lewisville) ;-)

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  1. If I'm not crazy, I could swear I've seen clotted cream from the UK at Central Market.

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      I work near a CM, so I'll just have to check on Monday. I was just hoping to find something near me, because I have an insane craving for cream tea. Thanks!

    2. British Emporium - on the east side of Main Street north of Northwest Highway in Grapevine.

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        A good source for all things British.