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Jun 3, 2011 06:05 PM

Simply Mexican - has anyone been yet?

I see Simply Mexican has finally opened on Yonge St. south of St. Clair. Has anyone tried it out yet? That neighbourhood is ready for some good mexican chow.

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  1. Had a takeout chicken chipotle burrito today. I liked it. Very wet with moderately spicy/smoky sauce, nice big hunks of chicken. Menu listed choice of 4 sauces but I was not asked what I wanted, so not sure what I got. I'll go back for more things, it is the only Mex choice at this corner. Interior looks nice, simple. $1.90 for a can of pop??? Your profit from me on that is zero, because I won't be buying it.

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      1. Sounds similar to my experience. Had a takeout lunch yesterday and I really didn't enjoy it. Ordered sopes with beef and green salsa. the beef was hard and dry and not tasty. I expected the meat to be pulled/shredded but it was cut lazily in chunks. The green salsa was served at a really hot temperature which seemed to mask the vibrant flavours tomatillos normally have. Service was friendly but I was disappointed with the food and doubt I will go back, unless there are reports that the food has improved.

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