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Jun 3, 2011 04:44 PM

Which restaurant would you choose, given these options???

We're coming in from out of town and want to visit with family we don't often get to see. I've been looking at menus, and the ones that sound the most interesting are, in no particular order: Mockingbird Bistro, Samba Grille, Philippe, Branch Water. My main concern is noise level in that we'd really all like to be able to hear each other and catch up with what's happening. It would be a Weds. night, if that helps re: noise level and ambiance, which are perhaps even more important than the food. The other option would be the Remington Restaurant at the St. Regis, as we have eaten there before and the food was good plus it was a quiet, restful place.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/insight!!

Mockingbird Bistro
1985 Welch, Houston, TX 77019

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  1. From your list I'd say Philippe. BWT like anything else on/near Washington or in mid-town is aimed at the but loud. MB also has sub-par acoustics. Not familiar with Samba. Remington is the 50+ crowd - quieter with good food & service. nit much help, but at least you have one opinion.

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      Agreed with all of the above, although I've never been to Philippe so can't personally attest to the acoustics. I love Branch Water but the acoustics are terrible -- definitely not the place to go if you're looking for a quieter place. There is an upstairs room at Mockingbird which is quieter.

      1. re: DaTulip

        Thanks so much for your insight! I didn't realize that MidTown was for the whippersnappers!! I should have mentioned that the majority of the group fall into the 50+ crowd with the exception of a handful of the 20somethings! Thank you!!

      2. My rec would be for Philippe as well. I had a spectacular meal there last week, and am really looking forward to going again. Nice room too...