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Are Mama Lucia meatballs any good?

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Seen many TV ads for them and seen them in the supermarket in the frozen section. How do they taste? Worth buying?

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    1. re: drablesnyc

      Listen to drable, Bleeech, they are bad. Only good frozen meatballs(that I've had) are costco's. Had to throw that in.

      1. re: mrbigshotno.1

        Ditto. Tried 'em once, and tossed them. With a teen son at home, I try to keep our freezer somewhat stocked. The TJ's Italian style is way better.

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      1. I am definitely not picky when it comes to cheap food and have strong stomach, but these were really really terrible. These "meatballs" are really a salty, mushy mess made of ground animal fat and tendons, like cheap hot dogs but much worse and lower quality. They went straight to trash. Stay away!!!

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