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Jun 3, 2011 04:10 PM

Butter chicken poutine

I saw a sign for butter chicken poutine at Spicy Grill Indo Pak Cuisine in Kensington Market and had to try it.

It consisted of hand-cut seasoned fries with sweet sauce and melted mozza. Not bad, but not great either.

Anyone tried it? Apparently New York Fries also has butter chicken poutine. I wonder if that's any good.

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  1. Is this the place that used to be affiliated with Debu?

    1. I know it's hard to take a nice (appetizing) picture of any sort of poutine but that one looks particularly disgusting. Also, not to be a poutine purist but that's "butter chicken fries" not poutine.

      1. I've had the version from NY Fries. Not the best butter chicken, not the best poutine but the overall "dish" was decent. Mind you, I just had the sample-sized cup. I don't think i'd spring for the full serving.


          1. re: Kagemusha

            I have had "Italian" poutine in Quebec with Bolonaise sauce. Why is it sacrilege when a culture tries to offer a Canadian staple with their own twist.

            You don't have to eat it.

            1. re: Kooper

              Basically it's just a trend that will ultimately die out when people get sick of it and you'll have next to no poutine places in Toronto. The poutine will go back to being what it is... a regional fast food dish from Quebec (not a Canadian staple... I really don't get this cause it ain't pronounced poo-teen). But more power to people who can cash in on the trend while it lasts.

              1. re: Kooper

                I wouldn't call it sacrilege, but neither is it poutine. It's something else. It might be delicious (or not!) but it's not poutine. I couldn't put Bolognese sauce on noodles and call it "Frenchsoda's Fettucine Alfredo".

            2. This would only happen in Toronto.

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              1. re: looosia

                Snarf, looks like Spicy Grill is in the same location as Debu, but I'm not sure if they are connected. Chickenbruiser, I'd have to agree that this plate is missing something crucial to poutine: real curd cheese. Still, an interesting experiment.


                1. re: Spice City Toronto

                  curd cheese essential...some places here in Montreal offer versions with mozzarella but are generally scorned upon... just call them Indian Disco fries. We have a place here that offers curry poutine, I haven't tried it but did have their tandoori pita wrap which was stale dry chicken with iceberg lettuce and 1000 Island dressing.

                  1. re: Spice City Toronto

                    They want to make money with this space, and used to have Debu Saha consulting. Some very good food in the early stages, but this is not a direction I would follow. Much happier with the really hot sauces and various ingredients at Pupusa Gourmet in the El Gordo space.

                    El Gordo
                    214 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON , CA