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Jun 3, 2011 02:41 PM

Feels-Like-Home Cozy Breakfast Spot in Center City???

Hello Philadelphia!

I have a friend coming to visit this weekend who I haven't seen in a while. I have lived in Center City for a few months but have yet to go out and explore breakfast spots. My friend and I are both from small-towns, and I'm looking for just cozy-type breakfast spot or diner for a good, inexpensive breakfast.

I know the Down Home Diner and Dutch Eating Place are highly recommended from many people (and while doing some veggie shopping at the Market, I have always passed by and been curious to try!) however, I know the Market gets crowded and loud on weekend mornings, and I would rather a more quiet spot to catch up with an old friend, preferably in Center City.

Thank you for any input!

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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  1. Across the street from my loft is 'Cafe Lift' on N 13th St. Eat lovely breakfasts there often. Rarely crowded and always friendly.

    1. I'm not sure where you got the Down Home Diner recommendation. That aside, there are a lot of places like Sabrina's that do brunch and I have heard decent things about Carmen's. But Cafe Estelle might be a good bet too. All of these places are more fancier than what you'd get at the DEP. There is the Melrose Diner but I have never been so I dunno. You could always take out from the DEP and talk in the center court of the Market...

      1. Cafe Estellle is excellent. Saturday is much less crowded than Sunday.

        1. I will second 'Cafe Lift.' Very delicious, never crowded, great prices. Same girl is always there waitressing and she is super friendly. The breakfast burrito is my favorite, Eggs Florentine - also commendable, but doesn't come on english muffins (which was a disappointment to me!) , the marg. pizza and the blt are delicious lunch options (simple, but really good). There is another dish I tried last time I was there, I can't remember what they called it, but it was a crepe with eggs, t. bacon, syrup... SO good. Or should I not talk this place up so much, I hope it doesn't start to get too crowded - best kept secret in the Spring Garden area.

          Estelle is also very good. I've only been there once as it was a little further. I got the shirred eggs with truffle oil and I would hands down recommend that.

          Sabrina's is good, I find the food a little greasy and it get's VERY crowded though. Make sure to call ahead.

          I like brunch... haha

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          1. re: nutmeg0287

            Can anyone provide a breakfast comparison/contrast between "Cafe Lift" and "Sam's Morning Glory"?
            Thank you!!

            1. re: Displaced California Foodie

              If you aren't looking for a diner-type place, I would avoid Morning Glory. Especially in proportion to the wait, I was really underwhelmed with MG both times we've eaten there. I am sorry that I can't help with Cafe Lift. Also, I am inferring from your other post about breakfast that you don't want a diner. Although, MG is not a trad diner, it felt that way to me.

              1. re: urbanfabric

                What ticks me off about Morning Glory is their inability to prepare more than one order at once. I.E. - if you have seven tables ahead of you ordering those lousy frittatas, you will still wait endlessly for your pancakes or french toast. As an aside, they do have rockin' homemade ketchup, and it would give you more than ample time to catch up with your friend. It's too frustrating for me though seeing at the rapid pace that the Dutch Eating Place works at.

                Haven't been to Cafe Lift though...

          2. If you want to stay in cc, try 10th Street Pourhouse (btwn spruce and locust). Inexpensive and won't be too busy. Good solid bfast, my eggs are always cooked perfectly. If you're willing to make the trip, Cafe Estelle is tops.