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Jun 3, 2011 02:12 PM

Dallas Restaurant Advice (5pm on Saturday)

Hi all,

My friends are in town for an event in Dallas later this month at the American Airlines Center (first time in Dallas). The event is at 6.30pm, so unfortunately we are limited to restaurants that begin dinner service at 5pm on Saturdays; 5.30pm would be cutting it too close I believe.

Capital Grill and Ocean Prime are both available at that time, but neither of those really excite me.

Unfortunately, places like Nonna, Craft and Abacus don't serve dinner at 5pm.

Would you have any recommendations for a great foodie spot on a Saturday at 5pm? We don't want to be too far away from Downtown. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Downtown is not my stomping grounds, but a little over an hour doesn't seem like enough time for fine dining to me. You would have to rush, which is the antithesis of the fine dining experience to me ...

    If it were me, I would look for a more casual dining experience that would fit the timeframe ...

    1. some ideas - all claim on their websites to serve food at 5pm, but you should confirm. They vary in greatness, but all are places I'd eat (and enjoy). Many are not exactly close to downtown... but they're not much farther than Nonna or Abacus.

      Neighborhood Services Tavern
      Il Cane Rosso
      Meddlesome Moth
      Stephan Pyles (it says Bar - but I'd guess that means you could eat at the bar?)
      The Commissary

      Redfork is not yet open, but will be in two weeks (allegedly) and claims on their website to be open 11am-2am on Saturday. The exec chef, Jeff Harris used to be the chef de cuisine at Craft and did a really nice job there... should be a place worth checking out.

      Neighborhood Services
      5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

      Stephan Pyles
      1807 Ross Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75201

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        Thank you very much; I think we are going to give Samar a try, looks very interesting! Thanks again!

        1. re: mistert123

          Great choice. Samar is excellent and they are accustomed to doing a pre theater service.