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Jun 3, 2011 12:39 PM

Peking Duck House - Orange CT good eats

Just came back from my second delicious lunch at Peking Duck House -
I've been to the usual places in Orange/Milford several times before but must say I always get consistently good food AND service here at Peking Duck House.

They have some interesting dishes lurking on the menu - Chili salt pork chop, their roast pork is delicious and juicy too.

Trying to convince them to open a place up the shoreline east of New haven where there is a real lack of good chinese food.

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  1. Great to hear--last I heard of this place from a reliable Chow buddy (hey, noreservations!), they were "closed for renovations" which so often really means "closed for good." So this is very good news!

    But east of New Haven, do you not like Clinton's Taste of China or Samurai in OS? I love them both. I know, standing joke on this board--I'm the only person who ever comments on Samurai, and I haven't been in a while, but had MANY great meals there.

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      Taste of China was ok (maybe it was an off night but it was def. lackluster to me) but not worth the schlep for me. If I go west the same distance I get all the choices of orange/milford - & I can make my trader Joe stop :)

      Samurai I have read your mention of but just haven't got there yet! too many places to try - not enough time!

      Hope Peking Duck makes it too -one of the reasons I wanted to give a shout out.


    2. Chinese east of New Haven: there's Clinton's Taste of China, but I see you don't like to go that far east. For me, the incredible range of Belgian and other beers (why does nobody else seem to understand that these are the things to drink with Chinese food?) make it worthwhile, but maybe not for you.
      But there's also Shangri La in Guilford, a grossly neglected place in the same little shopping center with Star Fish and Four-and-twenty Blackbirds Bakery. They aren't quite up to the level of Lao Sze Chuan in Orange, but they're still very good. Lots of good things — my wife and I (who have lived in China: we claim to know what we're eating) have never had anything there that wasn't at least good. Sometimes not hot enough (temperature, not spiciness), but good. Since their menu (based on food of ChengDu) is a lot more diverse than Taste of China, we're happy to have a good alternative right where we live. Still miss that beer, though — enough to send me to Clinton from time to time.

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      1. re: linguist

        thanks for the tip linguist - tried Shangri La 2 x just to be sure and wasn't impressed. It was ok & I thought pricey. (I had been counting down to their opening I was *so* wanting to like it)

        Maybe I'll try 1 more time. Both times I went were for lunch - not sure if that matters.
        I moved here from fairfield county and previously from NYC so I'm a little hard to please I think.

        thanks for the responses!

        1. re: debvil

          I don't know about lunch — we've only been there for dinner (when the place is usually almost deserted, sadly). But as we've been pleasantly surprised at how good it is. As I say, not up to Lao Sze Chuan, and without that great beer list at Taste of China (though they have a full bar and standard beers, including the ubiquitous Qing Dao), but lots of good things and convenient for us in Guilford. If you go again (preferably for dinner) and still aren't happy, let me know what you had.

      2. We had an errand to run in Orange today, so I made it a point of checking out the Peking Duck House. We love duck in any way well prepared, and on those rare occasions when we've been able to get it in the Peking style. Since we arrived mid-afternoon, we were the only customers there, and had a wonderful chance to discuss food with the owner (and especially the dish for which the restaurant is known and Chinese food in general) and the changing Chinese society. He said that he is originally from Canton, outside of Honkong, but has been here 27 years.

        We have had Peking duck here in CT, many years ago in a place in Farmington where they made it to order and. I feel, it was very delicious. And we have also had it in Beijing, where we found that the duck very fatty, apparently the preference there, since it was our experience on more than one occasion.

        At the Peking Duck House we ordered a half Peking Duck for the two of us for lunch. Though on the menu this was listed at $19.99, when the check came it was billed at $17.99. For this for two people you receive a platter with the crispy skin and a bit of meat (but not a thick layer of fat), a plate of green onion shreds, and a bowl of their homemade sauce, plus four thin pancakes).

        Also, you get a second course which is a stir-fry of duck meat and vegetables with very subtle seasoning.

        Everything was fresh and tasty. The amount of food, (and at under $21 with soft drinks), made for a perfect lunch. Well worth a try, especially for us duck lovers.

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        1. Had dinner over the weekend. Had the spicy dumpling to start followed with chow fun noodles and beef. The dumplings were great but the noodles were bland in comparison. Ordered the whole duck. It was quite nice, but not up to what we get in NYC. The second course duck stir fry was tasty but a touch salty. Over all a great reasonably priced meal.

          1. FYI - theres a groupon for them today. $25 for $12.

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            1. re: HunterJay

              hahaha I was just hopping over here to let everyone know about the Groupon. Good thing I saw this post otherwise I wouldnt have purchased it.