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Jun 3, 2011 12:29 PM

Founder of Elwoods in Delray Beach has Died; Restaurant Closed (For now at least)

Sad news...

"Michael Elwood Gochenour, known for opening Elwood's Dixie Bar-B-Q in Delray Beach in the early '90s, has died..."

Drove past yesterday evening, place was closed with the attached sign posted for folks to write thoughts.

I have a feeling they won't be reopening anytime soon... if at all... but who knows. Just my feeling.

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  1. wow a real character who started something special in Delray, RIP

    1. Yeah saw this the other day as I drove by. Sad to hear about his passing. Though I think you're probably right and it won't be back soon.

      1. I understand there will be a Memorial Service.... Wed, June 15, Michael's 60th Birthday, at the ORIGINAL OLD ELWOODS (Johnny Brown’s) at 6 pm.