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Jun 3, 2011 11:53 AM

Bottled Tarter Sauce in Phoenix

My favorite bottled tarter sauce has always been Bob's Big Boy tarter sauce but there is only one place in the Phoenix area I've been able to find it and I don't get to that part of town to often. I'd like to try some other bottled tarter sauces that are easier to find than the Bob's and see if it is as good as Bob's. For those that don't know the Bob's tarter sauce, unlike other tarter sauces Bob's is shipped and must be kept refridgerated, I don't think it has any preservatives in it. It is a bit more expensive and does not have the shelf life that the other brands do. There is a slight lemony flavor and the relish/pickles in it is crunchy and the flavor stands out when you bite into the crunch. Because of the expiration date I can not stock up on it. I've tried the Kraft's, Best Foods and McCormicks and thought they were boring compared to the flavor of Bob's. What is your favorite bottled Tarter Sauce and where do you buy it at.

FYI, I spoke to the manufacturer last fall and at that time Bob's Big Boy Salad Dressings and tarter sauce were not being served in Bob's Big Boy Restaurants. At that time, only one customer in AZ was ordering the tarter sauce but Bob's Salad dressings were fairly easy to find around town.

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  1. If you have an AJ's near you, talk to the manager about ordering it in. That often works, though not always.

    We often do special orders from producers, or distributors, though with a refrigerated item, that is probably not what you want to do.

    Just opened a bottle of Colgin Pecan Wood Liquid Smoke. We used to get that at several grocers near-by, but all quit carrying it, and were not interested in ordering it. I contacted Colgin, and they put together a mixed case of all of their different woods. How nice?

    Though from the Deep South, where tartar sauce sells more often, than any other condiment, save for Tabasco Sauce, but I am just not a fan. For the first time in my long life, I finally had one that I really liked, but that was at Wilton's in London. Still, when one likes something, there should be a way to get that. Heck, I feel the same way about Bronco Bob's Bacon Chipotle BBQ Sauce. I love it, and can find most of the others - just not that one, so I order a 12 btl. case every couple of years - no refrigeration needed, until opened.

    Good luck,


    1. Where is the one place in the Phoenix area?

      I'm not sure of the relationship between Bob's Big Boy and Frisch's Big Boy, but this may be what you are looking for available for mail order%3

      Looking closer, the Frisch's Big Boy Tartar sauce doesn't need to be refrigerated until opened, so it probably isn't the exact same. I suggest giving it a try anyway. It's the best I've ever had. You may find you have a new favorite.

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        Bob's salad dressings and tarter sauce is made by K&T Kitchens in Carson, California. I bought the tarter sauce at Smart & Final on Bell Road, just east of 79th ave. I called other Smart & Finals closer to where I live but only that store sells it. You might want to call them to make sure they have it before you go there.

        I never heard of Frisch's Big Boy so I looked at their webpage, the mascot reminded me so much of Bob's mascot I had to look at Bob's webpage, they look so much alike it is hard to believe they are not related somehow. bob's big boy was founded in 1936 and Frisch's Big Boy was founded in 1946. Many years ago, a Hollywood movie studio animator was having lunch one day at Bob's Big Boy and enjoy's the food so much, he drew the mascot on a napkin and gave it to the owner of Bobs and it became an icon in Southern California. I remember Bob's Big Boy restaurants all over SoCal when I was growing up. I think it was back in the 1990's Bob's may have had Bankruptcy problems and closed many restaurants and finally sold the company to some corporation. In my opinion that is when the quality of food went down. I remember the relish/sauce they used on the burgers was excellent, with in the last year I stopped in Bob's twice and had dinner and noticed the sauce/relish on the burgers is different than it was was and comparing it to the old stuff, the newer sauce is boring. If you have not tried it, try their 1

        island dressing, it is my favorite 1

        island, it also cost more than other brands. All their dressings are excellent. I'll call Frisch's and get a couple of bottles of the tarter sauce.

        1. re: Buckeye_Local

          79th and Bell is a hike for me too but I'll keep it mind if I'm ever headed out that way.

          As far as history goes, per wikipedia, Bob's franchised out the Big Boy menu, concept and mascot to a wide number of regional franchise holders (including Shoney's for example). But only Frisch's still maintains franchise rights to the "Big Boy" name.

          I'm 1/2 done with my last 16oz jar from Frisch's. I checked the ingredients and lemon isn't listed although all the ingredients are simple and I guess what one would call natural these days fwiw. Considering refrigeration is only necessary after opening, as I mentioned earlier, it seem pretty clear it is different than Bob's version. The good news is the refrigeration non-issue keeps the shipping relatively reasonable (I was quoted: 2 for $17.50; 4 for $24 to AZ - both including S+H). I'm interested to hear your opinion and comparison to Bob's.

      2. I just saw Bob's Big Boy tartar sauce at the Sprouts in the same mall as In 'n Out Burger at Cactus and Tatum.

        1. Sprouts at Tatum and Cactus have some in the "back" and not on the shelves. They are not planning on carrying it in the future but they do have some right now. Maybe if enough of us ask for it they will continue to order it. I just bought three bottles!

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            I'm in the west valley, I'll check the Sprouts on Dysart in Avondale.

            I go to Las Vegas about 3 times a year on business, I did find it at Albertsons in Boulder City. I've been stopping there on my way back home each time and have always found it.