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Jun 3, 2011 11:43 AM

I love Seward Coop

That is all.


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  1. Woo-hoo! What did you find that made it so loveable?

    I'm pretty fond of their housemade sausages & brats.

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    1. re: KTFoley

      I just think they do a great job with so many things. Their sausages are great, as you mentioned. I like their cheese people. I like their great selection of dates and, during winter, tropical (though not local of course) fruits. Solid deli. Good chocolate. Nice non-toxic baby stuff. Off-topic, but nice selection of personal care products and houseplants and cleaning supplies. I almost always find whatever I need there. It's spacious and well-lighted.

      I am not crazy about their seafood, I'd rather just go to Coastal, and their parking lot gives me fits, but I think that's part of their secret plan to make us abandon our cars.


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        You know, I understand. There are great things at many metro coops and we are very lucky to have them.

        As for the cars, I see us working very hard to rid ourselves of them. Then, a couple of decades later, some young entrepreneur will pop up with an idea for a personal transportation system that we can own and control ourselves that takes us directly from our home to where we want to go.

        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          Agreed! I would add: very good meat department, reasonably-priced dairy products from Ivy Farms Creamery (non-organic but non-bgh and tasty), Rochdale Farms butter, a solid produce department, and whole-milk Fage yogurt (it's hard to find!). And I love it that they ask to round up at the checkout; it's a totally painless way to give a little to a good cause.

      2. pros: the bulk section--long grain brown basmati rice, dairy cream/milk, deli turkey, and 3rd st. bakery bread products.

        cons: very $$$ and the pretentious nature of that hippie/coop image.

        conclusion: I'm there 2x a week.

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        1. re: alpa chino

          Yeah, that coop attitude can really suck. I worked at one for five years and tried very hard not to resemble an arrogant, creepy, self-righteous hippy.

          That said, I have shopped fairly regularly at the Wedge for nearly thirty years, and while I have encountered many wonderful, helpful employees, I did recently complain (finally) about the consistently arrogant attitude of the HABA (health/beauty department) employees.

          That said, we are quite lucky to have so many options for healthy food in the Twin Cities.

        2. Me, too. I'm there at least once a week to buy for that week's meals. Great produce and meats. And I love that I can do a whole shopping trip there. No need to shop three different places to get what I need.

          1. I just bought some prepared Ethiopian food and a pint of grass-fed brown butter almond toffee ice cream. The Vietnamese sausage is heavenly as well as the buffalo and blue cheese chicken sausage. I usually shop at the Mississippi coop, but get to the Seward Coop every few months just to pick up some unique items.

            1. Pros: their own roasted deli turkey breast, Shroeder milk, bulk spices, Harmony Valley produce (I did not re-sign up for the CSA, but they still have their awesome arugula and green garlic), the Miso Yellow Onion dressing on the salad bar, Julie's organic ice cream, the cold deli items including the vegan chocolate cake and raspberry angel food

              Cons: possibly the location- I really liked it at the now-Koyi location, their too good maketing putting expensive things I don't need on the end caps so I buy them,

              I have to limit myself to not go there too often or I tend to blow my whole month's grocery budget in one trip :)