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Jun 3, 2011 10:14 AM

Losing power when baking?

I've been curious about this:
I live in the DC area and we have frequent power issues. I have a gas range, but the controls for setting the temperature, starting/stopping the oven etc, use electricity. What happens when you lose power when using the oven? Does the gas get turned off automatically?


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  1. It should not. Your ignighter is electric, It supplies a spark that light the gas as my gas cooktop has. If I have no power i can light a burner with a match. It should not effect your temp controls that raise and lower the flame.

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    1. re: Candy

      Thank you for the reply, but I"m not asking about the cooktop, but about the baking (oven) part. If I use the digital buttons to start it at 350 and the power goes off after 10 minutes.. what happens? Does it stay at 350 until we get power back (which is sometimes days) or does it turn itself off?

      1. re: MoCoMe

        I don't know how it works exactly, but my understanding is that the gas flow is controlled electronically, so no electricity means no gas flow. The oven will just shut off.

        1. re: MoCoMe

          You both are incorrect. Check with a service repair person. The electricity is only for the igniter. In the past 40 or so years I have used both gas and electric ovens. When the electricity is out and the igniter cannot produce a spark, simply turn on the gas and light with a match. I keep a gas match both for my gas grill (same principle) and cooktop. Just trust me or as i suggested check with your trusted appliance repair/consultant. There are some very rare cases where it might not work but in 99% of them a match is all that is needed.

          I KNOW you were not asking about a cooktop, I was only using that as another example.

          1. re: Candy

            I don't want to light it when the power is out. I can use a match to do that. I want to know how you turn a running gas oven with electric controls off when the power goes out- or does it just go off

            1. re: MoCoMe

              Are we talking electronic as in touch controls and digital temp readout? Is the way you turn the oven off with the touchpad button? If so it seems likely that the oven shuts the gas off with a power cut. Otherwise, how would you turn it off? Now if there's a knob that turns it off, then perhaps it would have a mechanical connection to a valve that could still turn it off with no electricity, and thus it could safely be kept on with a power cut. But they're not going to leave it with no way to shut the oven off, clearly.

              Don't be so sure you can light the burner with a match with no power unless you've tried it. It's true of some designs but some in fact will not allow any gas to flow when there's no electricity, even to the cooktop. Same thing as we're talking about with the oven. So with the oven being electronic it seems likely the whole thing would be cut off from gas with no electricity. Have you actually tried to light it with a match, while it's unplugged?

            2. re: Candy

              There's no way to manually light an electronically-controlled oven or (in some cases) burner. There is no gas coming out to light it. There is no way to make the gas come out without the electricity for the controls.

        2. I just had a thought - why don't you simply turn off the circuit breaker while the oven is on and see for yourself what happens?