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Jun 3, 2011 08:40 AM

Falafel in Harrisburg

Anyone know where to get good falafel in Harrisburg/York

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  1. I don't like the falafel at The Cedar Restaurant but the rest of their mezze are good.

    I would like to find good falafel as well.

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      I think I found it. I went to Sphinx of PA today on Paxton street in search of some for meatless Friday. It was fantastic. Haven't seen anything about them on Chow yet. Don't let the interior fool you (it's an old Quiznos). It is delicious. I had the sandwich and my wife had the platter.

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        I will put this on our list...sadly due to grad school, I probably won't be getting out again until mid-July.

    2. Finally made it to Sphinx of PA. Falafel was very good. Had it in a sandwich. However the highlights of the meal were the lamb mixed grill and the basbousa. We also tried the konafa. I would definitely go back. The women behind the counter were helpful with recommendations. Falafel better than the Cedar Restaurant. Prices very reasonable.

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        Went back to Sphinx of PA yesterday. Had the falafel like an appetizer and shares the mixed grille for two. Very tasty. Comes with lamb and chicken shwarma meat with yogurt sauce, chicken kaBab and kofta, in addition to the mixed veg and salad. The tahini with the falafel is nice and smooth without a heavy smoky flavor it can get sometimes. I thought the kofta was the highlight of the mixed grille.