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Jun 3, 2011 08:20 AM

Good Dining Options Near Detroit Mariott

A friend of mine asked me for suggestions for business dinners, casual and more formal. My usual downtown haunts involve Greektown standards, such as Fishbones or Tom's Oyster Bar, or else a visit to Slow's. I wouldn't choose those for a business dinner. It can be a bistro, restaurant, steakhouse, sushi, continental or any ethnicity, as long as it's the kind of place that is amenable to business chat in business attire. Any ideas?

Tom's Oyster Bar
6870 N Rochester Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48306

748 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115

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  1. Coach Insignia (top floor of RenCen)
    Roast (the place for hot, dead, beast)
    Parthenon (Greek)
    Vincentes (Cuban)
    Small Plates (essentially, tapas-style)

    Coach Insignia
    Renaissance Center 72nd Floor, Detroit, MI 48243

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    1. re: rainsux

      Ate here this week: very underwhelmed.
      Several dishes on the small menu were unavailable. (How is a cheese & olive plate unavailable?!!!) Although the restaurant was hardly busy, food was slow to appear.
      Our three dishes were bland.

      Small Plates Detroit
      1521 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226

      1. re: trapani

        Ya know, sometimes when I see a comment like this, I wish there were more Detroit food professionals offering advice on this board. Not the Journalists. Not us. Just hard working bartenders, servers, line cooks, and others IN the business, that really KNOW the food terrain in metro Detroit.

        Not meant as a slam to anyone who supports our city diningscape. Your comments are really valuable. But I've learned to trust opinions from folks in the business who have far more contacts and who may be far more discerning than any of us.

        Just one example: an acquaintance who is a heating and cooling contractor, with many local restaurant contracts. Comment to him, "I like ----- Grill". His response: "You should avoid that place. A really dirty kitchen. I wouldn't take my family there."

        But these folks don't see themselves and their experiences, as resources to the Detroit dining community. They're just foot soldiers used to keep the industry churning.

        Sorry for the rant.

        Apologize to you trapani.

        1. re: RedTop

          Red Top, what makes you think that people making comments on CH are not in the industry or at least in the know about local dining. My wife and I both have culinary degrees from Cordon Bleu and CIA and have worked in countless restaurants in the area. We have owned a restaurant and continue to work in a related field. Just because people chose not to name drop or flash their contacts and credentials..doesn't mean a thing! Your comment about people in the industry being far more discerning...really? REALLY? Yeah, ask them where to drink after hours or and what the gossip is then you will get the answers but you certainly do not need to be working in the industry to have discriminating taste or an educated palate. You know what they say about assuming...

          Red Top Cafe
          100 W Poplar St, Odin, IL 62870

          1. re: Jack Freeman

            Hey, thanks for your shot across my bow, Jack!

            1. re: Jack Freeman

              Jack Freeman, as a fellow hound, I wonder if you'd be willing to have a chat with me beyond the chow boards? I have some questions and could really use some advice from someone with restaurant biz experience. If you're so inclined, I'll make my contact info available to you, or else you can tell me how to reach you. Thanks!


              1. re: 1sweetpea

                Sweetpea, No problems..hope I can help you out. You can email me at Am I allowed to post that? lol..guess I'll find out!

          2. re: trapani

            Well this might make sense now as Channel 4 reported this morning that they filed for bankruptcy yesterday, but will remain open.

            Ooops, I was replying to the Small Plates comment. Sorry!

        2. "My usual downtown haunts involve Greektown standards, such as Fishbones..."

          Mercy. Fishbones? *Really*? Shame on you.

          I'd nod along with the recommendations that rainsux has given, with the possible exception of Iridescence, specifically because it's for a business dinner, and I don't think that the place is very conducive to conducting any business whatsoever, besides monkey business.

          Mind you: I *love* Iridescence, it's a great place, and they do an excellent job...I just don't think it would be ideal for a business dinner. That's just me, though.

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          1. re: boagman

            I'm currently a Windsorite who doesn't dare cross the border often, lest I wind up sitting in endless border lineups. I was last at Fishbones more than a year ago, so try to forgive my gauche choice. I am aware that it is overpriced and less than mediocre. It's not my first or even tenth choice, but my preferences would lead me on lengthy drives in search of the best tacos, Korean, Ethiopian, sushi, Lebanese Vietnamese pho and the like. I've never gone anywhere upscale in Detroit, because I reserve upscale dinners for family outings in my native Toronto. Since none of my personal rec's are practical for a business outing, I'm appealing to the experts to guide me.

            748 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115

          2. two places in the book cadillac hotel a short walk away

            24 grille


            mosaic in greektown