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Jun 3, 2011 07:35 AM

Are you making a dairy meal for shavuos?

My husband generally argues that a dairy meal is not hardy enough for him before he is about to go study all night. So I thought I would make the first day lunch the dairy meal but i'm not sure what to make that will be filling for him and the other 3 or 4 men that usually come for lunch, especially when they are used to a cholent. Any suggestions? What are you making?

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    1. re: DeisCane

      Deis, I don't like dairy meals either (I don't eat fish and am lactose intolerant).

      Azna, If they don't mind eating fish I guess that's a good meal plan!

      1. re: pitagirl

        Lactose intolerance makes a lot more sense than "not hardy enough." That sounds like brainwashery to me, more evidence that we've overemphasized meat in the kosher world.

        1. re: DeisCane

          First of all, lactose intolerant people can generally eat cheese--hard cheese like cheddar or mozzarella, not soft like cottage cheese. Second of all, there are Lactaid pills. Third of all, don't shuls have refreshments for the all night learning? And does a person going to learn all night really need extra calories? He/she'll be sitting all night, not running a marathon. Fourth of all, lots and lots of things (pasta, beans, etc) are filling without use of any meat. If they were not, all the vegetarians in this world would be running around munching every 30 minutes or so.

          1. re: emacat

            emcat, not the forum for this, but lactaid pills are not for everyone (trust me I learned it the hard way) and I personally avoid all dairy at this point.

            People like fleish at a yontiff meal why is that "brainwashery"?

            1. re: pitagirl

              Liking meat for yomtov (and shabbos) is one thing, saying a non-meat meal is "not hardy enough" is another entirely (never mind that studying on Shavuos is not exactly running a 10k or working in a coal mine).

              1. re: pitagirl

                My family has discovered (in a way that makes soo much sense, yet we didn't think of it ourselves) that if you look at the nutrition panel on cheese and there are 0g sugars, then there is no lactose in the cheese. There are a few select brands that make even ricotta cheese that have 0g sugar, and looking at several of the "hard cheeses," the same thing, so my lactose intolerant family members are able to eat things like lasagna again if the right brand of cheese is used. Lactaid pills definitely are not for everyone or for everything, and I know I am somewhat OT here, but it is possible to enjoy dairy once again if supremely careful about reading labels. Good luck!

                1. re: asf78

                  Thanks for the info on cheese! That will be helpful here:)

            2. re: DeisCane

              Where's the "like" button? Well said DC.

              For the OP -- how about Eggplant Parm. for lunch? Veggie Chili and Tacos? And, yes... Fish. If your men are of the " I hate fish" ilk, you can do tilapia with your favorita bread crumbs or salmon baked in a honey and soy sauce mixture.

        2. If he has meat at night, he won't be able to eat all the cheesecakes that they have in Shul.

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          1. I will be going away to a hotel this year, but if I were home it would be dairy - that is the way I was brought up. I always prefer diary over meat anyway. My favorite meal of the day is a good breakfast.

            Lets see - Shavous - Cheese blintzes, cheese cake, baked ziti, eggplant Parmesan , lasagne, ice cream, baked salmon, fried flounder, - I sure hope the Kutchers offers plenty of dairy options. I know they have something called the blintz bar. - I hope its 24 hour :)

            1. My wife usually does a veggie chicken parm that is pretty hardy and dairy.

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                1. re: peanutgallery7

                  You buy the Morningstar Farms veggie chicken pattie and cover it with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

                  1. re: DeisCane

                    More or less. My wife ususally browns the patties in a pan first so that they stay firm under the sauce and cheese. Also, usually a pizza sauce is better than plain tomato. Add some garlic bread and you have a fine sandwich.

              1. The yearly quandary is such: Shul serves pareve (kugel and cake) so we could do meat, but then there's the coffee issue. A real coffee-drinker who is staying up needs milk not cream (although the real real coffee drinkers go black) and since the lower watt personalities are sent up to give shiur at the wee hours of about 3 in the a.m., the men need the caffeine to get through. Many don't do the one-on-one in our Shul. So we go Milchigs at night and we do push for the hardy (correct spelling, guys). We do a butternut squash soup with good bread, two kinds of fish, a potato side, a pasta (linguine in garlic olive oil and sundried tomatoes if you're lactose intol) and some kind of vegie side (ratatouille if you're lactose intol). Day meal is going to be meat because the "men" in my family usually sleep ridiculously late and I just ignore their needs in place of my own. No guests are invited on the meal that follows the all-nighter. Yours can either do the meat or do what i do for the night meal.