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Jun 3, 2011 07:23 AM

Uncivilized, maybe, but desperate.....Peanut Butter

I just moved here from California and apparently can't live without unsweetened, organic peanut butter. Does anyone know if it is allowed PRIVATELY through customs - as in a care package from home? I can't easily find out !!!!

Otherwise, I'm thoroughly enjoying this site for restaurants and info - I'm in Paris.....


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  1. Maybe due to luck or inexperience. Have sent stuff both ways, much questionable and never an issue.

    1. Amazon is your friend. After some time in England, I feel your pain!'s site = Meridian Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter - No added sugar, plus several other options. Don't know if France has their own Amazon site, but that might be quicker, easier and cheaper than having it shipped from home. Enjoy France!

      1. Naturalia and Biocoop are the first stores I'd check.

        1. thanksgiving in the 4th, has skippy and jif

          grand epicierie near serves-bablyone should have it

          lastly, the african stores around chateau rouge have peanut butter, usually labeled as groundnut paste (contains only peanuts, no sugar or salt added).

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            Yes, the African stores. Good idea. Look for "p√Ęte d'arachide" in small plastic takeout boxes, it's usually freshly ground.

          2. Ethnic stores frequently have peanut butter - and a lot of the time it's unsweetened.

            Natural foods stores -- Naturalia, Biocoop, and the bio aisles at the regular grocers, might also have it.