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Jun 3, 2011 06:22 AM

Additional Uses for a Tortilla Press?

Not sure what else it can be used for but I am sure that someone has a good idea somewhere....I made tortillas yesterday...but I have 1 trick pony pieces of kitchen equip....Ideas?

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  1. My grandmother used hers to make Chinese dumpling wrappers.

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    1. re: kc72

      I do that too. It is a great time saver. I taught the trick to a Vietnamese friend and she had to have a tortilla press and had me order for her mom and sister too.

    2. Chapati, matzo, rustic tarts, filled cookies?

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      1. re: olympia

        The absolute best equipment for sandwich cookies is a soft cheese slicer. Norpro makes one. It looks like a giant egg slicer. Make the dough, roll into logs and chill (basic sable'). Cut the dough into 4" logs and then slice in the slicer. Perfectly even slices, same size and thickness. I don't made me think to use that but I'll never look back.

        These were a lightly spiced cookie, filled with Frank Cooper's Oxford Coarse Cut Marmalade and dipped into 72% dark chocolate.

        1. re: Candy

          Candy, I think we're talking two different kinds of cookies. My family makes a variety that are rolled out and filled and rolled into crescent shapes.

      2. My neighbor used one to make puri shells and paapars for chaat.

        1. They're great for putting heat transfers on T-shirts. ;) Perhaps that's not what you had in mind, but it does make it a two trick pony. :) I only mention this because I know someone who works for a company that mades the heat transfer presses and expanded into tortilla presses.

          1. I used mine to make pie shells for mini pies, about 4 inch diameter, like a pot pie size. Made them a tad thin though, but I was thinking I could make them thinner and double them up.