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Jun 3, 2011 05:12 AM

Lunch in Jamestown, RI?

Headed in to Jamestown for the night Saturday. Planning on cooking dinner at the house we're staying at - but looking for a lunch spot when we come into town.
Up for anything good- just looking for some recommendations.

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    1. re: razkel

      I believe this place is closed - there is a new place opening or opened there - might be worth checking out.

      Village Hearth is excellent, they have only sandwiches and baked goods - but if you want a casual lunch its the best choice.

      Village Hearth
      2 Watson Ave, Jamestown, RI

      1. re: harryharry

        Do you mean Tricia's Tropi Bistro closed?

        1. re: Alica

          It was for sale for a while and I saw construction going on in the Spring, haven't driven past since then, but I'm pretty sure it's a different restaurant now.

    2. Village Hearth Bakery is definitely worth a visit. They bake everything on-site in a wood-burning oven. Small but very tasty selection of foccaccia and sandwiches. Sticky buns are outstanding, sell out early.

      Otherwise, in descending order of fanciness:

      Trattoria Simpatico - creative, well-executed Italian. Gets mobbed at dinner, usually ok at lunch. Expensive, but good.

      Jamestown Oyster Bar - seafood and semi-upscale pub food

      Chopmist Charlie's - reliable, straighforward pub food

      East Ferry Deli - good basic sandwiches, patio with great view of Newport Bridge, harbor, etc

      Ace's pizza - thick-crust, tasty, nothing fancy

      Village Hearth
      2 Watson Ave, Jamestown, RI

      Jamestown Oyster Bar
      22 Narragansett Ave, Jamestown, RI 02835

      Chopmist Charlie's
      40 Narragansett Ave, Jamestown, RI 02835

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      1. re: nbtsocanos

        jamestown golf course has real good burgers and chicken sangys.......

      2. try chopmist charlies...good lobster bisque, fresh fish, nice casual atmosphere. Key West is also good, and has outdoor seating