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Jun 3, 2011 04:08 AM

Any Charlotteans remember this place

Many years ago, in what is now the Pizza Peel on Colwick in the cotswold area, there was a good old Jewish deli/bagel joint. Does anyone remember the name?

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  1. I remember a Steak 'n Hoagie and a Greek restaurant being over there, maybe not in that exact building though....

    1. I remember the place pretty well. Unfortunately I can't rememeber the name. We got bagels from there a good bit when I was a kid. It may have been the first real bagel shop in Charlotte.

      1. Yeah, I remember it. It was one of the few bagel places in town. I am a southerner and never ate a lot of bagels, but I do remember that they were very good and they introduced me to what a bagel was supposed to be, unlike the stuff that was labeled "bagel" that came from the grocery store.

        1. I aksed my native Charlottean neighbor, and she seems to think the place was called Bagel Works. I just remember it was a good hangout on Sundays and they had very good bagels!

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              Ooooooh yeah! Thanks for the memory jog. I've never really taken to bagels but I remember the place. They had good sandwiches.