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Jun 3, 2011 12:10 AM

Salad anyone?

I'm interested in knowing how people are dealing with the E-coli crisis. I'm not sure if I should buy cucumbers even if I peel them. What about tomatoes? Are they safe to eat raw if washed in baking soda?

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  1. Would it or would it not solve the problem by cooking vegetables?

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      cooking does seem to kill the offending bacteria.

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        Yes it would, but I'm not sure whether I want to resign myself to a summer without gazpacho or salad.

      2. We bought and ate French cucumbers this week (peeled, but I always peel them if the skin is a little tough, which it was)

        I've seen no reduction in the amount of fresh produce I've seen being bought, sold, or consumed in enormous salades composees anywhere.

        It appears to be localized to north/northwest Germany, with the cases in other countries occurring in people who have recently returned from northern Germany.

        2 June update from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:

        and site for further updates:

        1. Not as inexpensive as home made (perhaps) and smooth rather than chunky (but you can add your own favorite bits and pieces), Alvalle gaspacho is flash pasteurized. Sold in the cold case in just about every market. We keep a carton in our hotel room for in-room picnics or just a fast pick-me-up. I was surprised to hear from many French acquaintances that, yes, push-come-to -shove, they, too use Alvalle. Comes in several green versions also.

          1. No one seems to be able to give guidelines for French produce. My family continues to eat it, including salad greens and tomatoes. There have so far been 10 cases of the illness in France, but 9 of those involve persons who had just returned from Germany.

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              and they're making it VERY clear about the link to Germany.

              There was even plenty of Spanish produce on the shelves today.