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Jun 2, 2011 10:11 PM

K- Cups

okay, not the very best coffe but very practical and a reasonably good trade-off for convenience.

There are soamy choices....any recommendations?

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  1. We've been buying CoffeePeople's Donut Shop consistently over the last year. Very good.

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    1. re: ferret

      Yes that is my fav currently. It has a good full flavored for a light roast (and light roast means more caffeine, which for me is part of the point :) )

    2. I like strong coffee--full flavor.

      If price is no object, I think hands down that 'Obsidian' by Caribou Coffee(which is a Green Mountain subsidiary?) is the best. It's sometimes hard to find on Amazon at a good price. I see it for less at Target & Wmart.

      Others I like are Emeril's 'Big Easy Intense' , Wolfgang Puck's 'French Roast-dark, extra bold',
      and Green Mountain Coffee's 'Dark Magic'.

      Best prices are with Amazon's "subscribe and save" program, but some of the coffees on this program are not very good. Be sure to check Amazon's reviews on any you order, no matter what kind.

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      1. re: columa

        Caribou is not a subsidary of Green Mtn. Coffee Roasters. By the way, check with your stock broker on GMCR stock----one of the best performers of the past year and still within a point of an all time high.

        1. re: steakman55

          Thanks steakman for the info on GMCR--I'm starting my research on it. I need something that's not falling like coffee through a torn filter :).

          1. re: columa

            Just be aware that GMCW's cash cow is Keurig machines and K-Cups. Two K-Cup patents expire on Sept. 16, 2012. This is an interesting article on the subject:

      2. >>> not the very best coffee <<<
        So true.
        >>> but very practical <<<
        >>> and a reasonably good trade-off for convenience <<<

        I'm just curious, but I have a serious question: how long does it take to make a cup of coffee?

        I grant you that K-Cups are (in one form or another) probably here to stay, but I find the coffee stale and mediocre. Better than instant, but -- for me -- it's worth the (very little) effort in the morning to grind freshly roasted beans and actually make coffee/espresso . . . .


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        1. re: zin1953

          Perhaps your palate is more sensitive than mine, but I've found the K-cups that I've purchased to be satisfactory, if not pretty darn good. As for "how long it would take?", we simply don't drink enough coffee at home to justify making a full - or partial - pot. I leave the house coffee-less and consume copious amounts at work. My wife grabs a cup to go every morning on her way out (she would otherwise stop for a cup somewhere). On weekends we'll grab a cup here and there.

          The Keurig is a far better option for us than drinking a cup that's been warming in a pot for hours or wasting coffee.

          I also have a burr grinder and espresso machine for when I want to get a little more serious.

          1. re: ferret

            >>> Perhaps your palate is more sensitive than mine <<<
            Perhaps. I just have never tasted one that I found -- I don't know -- "satisfying." Lord knows I have not tried them all, but all the ones I *have* tried have left me . . . flat. (?)

            >>> As for "how long it would take?", we simply don't drink enough coffee at home to justify making a full - or partial - pot. <<<
            I rarely brew a full pot at home, but I *do* use a "Clever Coffee Dripper" -- see -- to brew a single cup. Well, mug -- anything up to a 16-ounce thermal insulated cup.

            Think of it as the illegitimate offspring of the mating of a Melita/Chemex filter cone and a French press. Grind, pour hot water over the grounds, let sit for 3-3.5 minutes, place the dripper on top of the cup to drain the coffee through the filter, and off you go! The coffee has the richness and mouthfeel of a French press, but is clean and without sediment, like drip.

            Just a thought/suggestion . . . and, no, I have no financial interest in the company -- just a satisfied user.

            >>> The Keurig is a far better option for us than drinking a cup that's been warming in a pot for hours or wasting coffee. <<<
            No, I absolutely agree with you here!


            1. re: zin1953

              I used an Aeropress with my own freshly-ground beans for a time before we bought the Keurig. It was better (and a little messier/longer) but not so much so that I would give up the Keurig. I'm not a newcomer to the coffee world. I've tried any number of options over the last 30+ years (a large range of drip machines and French presses, among other options), so I know what's out there.

              The trend in most coffeeshops around me nowadays is to do single-cup brews like the Clever Coffee Dripper, so I've seen the concept in use regularly. Call me a Philistine, but I'm happy with the Keurig.

          2. re: zin1953

            I'm with you. We recently got a Keurig at work. Seems more like a coffee flavored beverage than the real thing to me, but most of the folks here are thrilled with it.

            1. re: laststandchili

              Really depends on the coffee you buy. Also, the machines for office locations that are plumbed directly to the water supply need to be recalibrated frequently because (I think) they have a tendency to make a very thin "brew."

          3. Come the fall track down the pumpkin spice k cup by Green Mountain. I bought a dozen boxes to have year round (I love it chilled in summer).

            1. I usually end up ordering the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend and Nantucket Blend. I recently wanted to start using caffeine free and ordered the Timothy's Colombian Decaf. All very good. I also like the Gloria Jean's Hazelnut for a flavored coffee. If you order the samplers on their website, it helps in narrowing down what you will like.