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Jun 2, 2011 08:51 PM

Do I have to replace a Jenn-Air downdraft range with another Jenn-Air?

I have a Jenn Air slide -n downdraft range which is 15 years old. I want to replace it but am not too excited about another Jenn-Air. Does any one know if I have to replace it with another Jenn-Air or whether there are other options. The counter behind the range is granite and very narrow - not a great option for a retractable hood.

In case it matters, the range is on an outside wall. There is also an over the range microwave that I need to keep - small kitchen.

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  1. Might not be an Ontario topic, unless you're wondering where you can get different options. Tasco is a good place to find alternate products. I'm not sure what else there is in downdraft, but have found with my own that it's not that effective. There are a number of microwave options that include integrated hoodfans that are available here. That might work with your spacing.

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      Thanks for the thought. You're right that it wasn't an Ontario topic (post has since been moved), but I remain very interested in any input on this.

    2. In our new home we have no choice but to get a down-draft range. after extensive research, it appears that Jenn-Air is the only manufacturer now making down-draft ranges. So if down-draft is what you must have, you might be stuck with Jenn-Air.

      1. I am also interested. We have no love for our Jenn-Air. It not on an outside wall.

        1. Hi, I don't necessarily want another downdraft. I'm just trying to figure out what fits in the space and what the options are for ventilation.

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            I replaced a Jenn-Air a number of years ago. I took the model drawing specifications booklets of my old Jenn-Air along with pictures of where it would go in my kitchen. I also took measurements of the opening. You have to be pretty precise.

            epending on where you live, a consult can really be money well spent. If you go to a reputable place, I've found that a consult fee will be applied to your purchase and delivery price.

            big problem we had was the vent, changing from a down draft to over the stove. This has to be precise as well. We have the stove on the outside wall, and could not go thru the attic, so that had to be installed, too.

            Good luck. To me it was worth it to get a flat-top stove.

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              Thanks! This is very helpful advice. I want to follow up on the idea of the consult. I live in a major city and hadn't heard about this option before. Do you mean that retailers that sell ranges will consult on the right one to buy for a fee. If so, do I just phone around and ask who provides the service. Also wondering if they come to your home....

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                In my area (Virginia), at the stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Sears possibly, and possibly hregg (or something like that) you can go in the store and talk to them and look at what they have to offer. You can tell them of your situation with the hood, and vent and that you have had the down-draft Jenn-Air. They will likely have some idea/notion that you need more expert advise than they can give, and will probably say that they can have someone come out and look at your layout. They will say the 'consult' fee/charge will be taken off the cost of the bill if you buy the stove from them, or they will give you a figure for the charge if you don't buy it from them.

          2. If you can't have a pop-up vent, and you have to keep the over the range microwave, you might consider changing the microwave to one that vents to the outside (but keep in mind that those work about as well as a down-draft range). It is necessary to have a vent. Can you put a duct through the outside wall where the range is? Measure your space and do some searching on the internet for appliances to fit your space. They do exist.