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Jun 2, 2011 07:49 PM

Hood Strawberries?

I am unfortunately not from the Portland area but must take a road trip to your fine city soon, and was hoping that said road trip might correspond with Hood Strawberries being available at the farmers' markets. Can anyone let me know if they're ripe and available yet, and if not, when they will be?

Thank you so much!

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  1. I live for the Hoods; they are the only kind I eat. Last Saturday at Portland Farmers Mkt PSU, Winters Farms were the only ones who had them. They were expensive and not so good. Spring has been the coldest and darkest on record, so they are late. But the weather is changing rapidly, and a week from Saturday I predict will be the true opening of the season, meaning at least five farmers will carry them. You can't tell by looks. Taste before buying!

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      Thanks so much for the info! I will be in the Hood River area this week, so I will definitely keep an eye out for some strawberries! :)

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        Hood strawberries have nothing to do with HR, other than that they are both named after Mt Hood. They are grown in the Willamette Valley and the best selection for buying would be in the Portland area.

    2. This is not at all what I expected this thread to be about :P

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        Why, did you forget which window you were looking at on your computer? ;o)

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          Finally they are out. At Portland Farmers Mkt last Saturday there were a number of stands that had them! I will u-pick soon...

        2. Many of the stands at this past Wednesday's Farmers Market in Salem had Hoods. My parents' neighbors were there selling both Bentons and Hoods and the co-owner gave me a sample of each. Hoods won hands down. She advised just waiting until picking for market was done and my Mom could glean what she wants. Not sure I can wait that long, but I definitely look forward to it!