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Jun 2, 2011 06:36 PM

Thai noodle soups in south bay?

I can't seem to find a place to get thai noodle soups in south bay. There seems to be plenty in sf and east bay.
Please point me in the right direction !

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  1. I've been crazy about the duck soup noodle ever since I discovered it a few years back in a Thai restaurant in San Francisco. I've been looking ever since for a place here in the South Bay that has this dish. So far I have been disappointed by a few places that have these on their menu. And every time I go up to SF or Berkeley, all I think about was to stop by those restaurants for a quick bite.

    My wife just told me about Buda Thai in Mountain View. It looks like they have this dish! The online reviews look good, and the pictures look like it's the real thing. Will be visiting this place in the next couple of days to find out....

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      Fingers crossed for you. Please let us know how it turns out.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Finally made it to this place for a late lunch. The price for the roast duck noodle soup is $10 for lunch and $12 for dinner. Not sure if there is a size difference, but the price seem slight steep for what you get.

        Bottom line: good enough that I would stop by if I need a roast duck noodle soup fix since it's less than 10 minutes away.

        Good: the flavor of the soup base is about the same as places up in SF & Berkeley. "Authetic" enough. (Since I've never been to Thailand, so this means close enough to ones in SF/Berkeley).

        Needs Improvement: only thin spaghetti-like rice noodle available. (I much prefer the fat 1/2-inch wide noodle.) A little skimpy on the duck & vegetables. Portion smaller. The dish seem to lack some depth, probably, in part, due to the things I pointed out.

        I'll still give it 90 points in comparison to 100 points for my usual places up in SF/Berkeley.

        1. re: gundam91

          Thanks for the deets on Buda Thai's version. Will be watching as you slurp your way across the duck noodle soup trail in the South Bay.