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Best Colorado-made products?

Hi all,

I'm looking for your thoughts on best CO products- honey, preserves, etc. Thank you!

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  1. Olathe sweet corn. Available for a few weeks starting about the first of July.

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    1. re: ddavis

      #1 is definitely Olathe sweet corn. I vote Colorado spring lamb as #2.

      Sorry, I favor the Questa honey from New Mexico. Miel as it's meant to be.

    2. I really like Enstrom's toffee.

      1. Cap Rock Gin Hotchkiss, CO

        1. 4 replies and nobody has mentioned beer? Some great breweries: Ska, Avery, Odell's, Great Divide, New Belgium, Mountain Sun, etc etc etc.

            1. re: ClaireWalter

              Good question, Claire- but home is here :)

              it's for a Colorado products event- I've got Avalanche and Haystack Cheese, I'm looking at the Plum Daisy Products from Palisade to pair with those, 34 degrees crackers, and of course some great CO beer. But I figure that others might know of some things I hadn't thought of yet to include.

              But now I really want some lamb and corn...

              1. re: caviar_and_chitlins

                Cheesecake in a Jar - Cute little Mason jars w/ super-rich individual sweet or savory cheesecakes. (Grand Junction)

                leta's - Also in/near Palisade does preserves & such. Very promotion-minded.

                Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a bigger company w/ multiple locations; new Piece, Love and Chocolate (Boulder) for a boutique chocolatier.

                Bread for Breadworks, Udi's, Denver Bread Company -- or gluten-free from Dimmer's Home Bakery.

                If you can handle frozen things, Bliss or Boulder Ice Cream.

                Cyd's Cage Free Eggs.

                Wines? Contact the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board. There are also now some artisinal, small-batch whiskeys (whiskies? I can never remember which is which).

                Savory Spice Shop blends.

                Moe's Bagels.

                Villa Tatra smoked salmon & trout (west of Lyons).

                Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (HQ in Durango). New Piece Love & Chocolate (Boulder) for individual chocolatier. Also several in Longmont.


                Savory Spice Shop
                1537 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202

                2644 Broadway St, Boulder, CO 80304

                Boulder Ice Cream
                4747 Pearl St Ste M-1, Boulder, CO 80301

                Villa Tatra
                729 Pinewood Dr, Lyons, CO 80540

                1. re: ClaireWalter

                  Besides ones mentioned on this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/746778
                  I would add Helliemae's Salt Caramels. http://www.saltcaramels.com/

            2. Il Mondo Vecchio for salumi. They sell directly to the public on Fridays.

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                Il Mondo Vecchio is now also available at Cure Farms in Boulder. I need to stop in a buy some.

                I'll add Sweet Cow Ice Cream

              2. Primo - Artisanal Preserves (berry & pepper combo's), Chutneys.
                Justin's Nut Butters
                Madhava Honey
                Clark's Honey
                Stranahan's Whiskey
                White Girl Salsa
                Gilberto's Salsa
                Oogave Sodas
                Ela Family Farms Applesauce
                Sweet Action Ice Cream
                Chocolove Chocolate Bars
                Nita Crisp Crackers
                Sisters Pantry - Soy Lime Cilantro Vinaigrette, Peanut Sauce, Potstickers
                Golden Toad - Hot Sauce
                Horsetooth Hot Sauce
                Spinelli's Pasta Sauce
                Udi's Granola
                Bhakti Chai - Chai concentrates, ready to drink, ice cream
                Nanita's Finest - Hispanic Sauces
                Religious Experience - Hispanic Sauces
                Grant Family Farms - eggs
                Haystack Mtn Goat Dairy - Cheese
                Wild Women Truffles
                East West - Asian Sauces
                Marxana Brand Foods (Splash) - Pomegranate based sauces
                Solterra - Preserves, Many Gluten Free items

                To name a few...........

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                  Those cute little Mason jars full of cheesecake that I referred to earlier are made by Decaden in Grand Junction. I spaced on the same this other day.

                  1. re: ClaireWalter

                    ClaireWalter - is there a place to get these jars full of cheesecake without driving all the way to Grand Junction?

                  2. re: cabfreak

                    What a great list, thanks! I'll second Religious Experience sauces.

                    Don't forget local St. Claire's organic candies--no refined sugar, organic, Non GMO, vegan and allergen free.

                    Cabfreak, where can I find Sweet Action Ice Cream and Grant Family Farms, if you know? Thanks!

                    1. re: MinkeyMonkey

                      Sweet Action is on Broadway in Denver. You can buy there, but I believe Marczyks carries their stuff too. I found Grant Farm eggs at Whole Paycheck.

                      1. re: MinkeyMonkey

                        Marczyk's has the Sweet Action Ice Cream, Grant's Eggs at Whole Foods. You can also sign up for their CSA.


                        1. re: cabfreak

                          Thank you both.

                          No wonder I never see those, I hardly ever go to WF and I'm closer to Boulder,not Denver.

                          I'll try Marczyk's next time we go to Denver.


                          1. re: MinkeyMonkey

                            In Season Local Market (Denver's Highlands neighborhood and a 2nd store now in Louisville) also carries Grant Farms eggs.Sweet Action has a store on Broadway, if you're in the 'hood and in the mood.

                    2. Jumpin' Good Dairy Goat Cheese from Buena Vista

                      Palisade Peaches

                      Olathe Sweet Corn

                      La Junta Melons

                      Arrowhead Grass Fed (and finished) Highland Scottish Cattle from Nathrop, Colorado

                      Just to name a few...

                      1. I quite liked Mark Schlerath's Stinkin' Good Green Chile when I lived in CO. For a frozen, supermarket green chile sauce, I thought it was quite good.


                        1. Laughing Lab beer from Bristol Brewery

                          1. Liege Waffle Company
                            Boulder Ice Cream
                            High Country Orchards - Peaches, Peach Salsa
                            Tres Pupusas
                            MouCo Cheese

                            1. Hazel Dell Cinnamon Cap Mushrooms - direct from Hazel Dell (not the ones that have been sitting at Whole Foods, etc. for a couple days).

                              1. White Girl Salsa based in Boulder

                                1. I can't believe no one has mentioned Pueblo green chiles. Support the local farmers and they are claimed by many to be the finest in the world- even better than Hatch (though personally, this is quite arguable and not definitive by any means).

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                                  1. re: LorenM

                                    Loren, you know they are the same plant, growing at the same altitude, with the same weather conditions. Your feeble attempt at exculputory ignorance and shameless promotion of Pueblo is perhaps laudable, and your Chamber of Commerce owes you a gold star. Cheers to fine chilies, wherever they be!

                                    1. re: Veggo

                                      Wow. I don't live in Pueblo and I consider your statement somewhat insulting (since you insulted me directly). Many in fact do consider the local conditions to be favorable to growing the best chiles in the world (though I obviously didn't state as much and said it was arguable). From my expertise the chiles are a bit different considering Hatch chiles grow about 500 miles to the south in completely different soil conditions. Better or not is up to the taster obviously.

                                      1. re: LorenM

                                        LM, I had a home in Cuchara, between Hatch and Pueblo, for some years and around labor day the roasters arrived in droves in nearby La Veta, touting the Hatch and Pueblo chilies they were roasting. All were good. I certainly meant no insult, I observe that everyone rightfully has home-town pride in their local products, but you don't even live there, so where's the insult?

                                        I loaded up with 3 and 5 lb. bags of still warm mild and hot chilies, 40 lbs or so, and the drive home was torture, the aroma was so delicious.

                                        Nobody here knows where you live, you haven't said. In 7 pages of posts, you vaguely connect to Denver and Colorado. I lived 8 years in Denver. I leave a trail of everywhere I have lived; 13 states and countries.

                                        Maybe post a profile?

                                        1. re: Veggo

                                          I felt insulted by the fact that you assumed my opinion was based on exculputory ignorance and shameless promotion of Pueblo. Clear?

                                          That said I am from Denver, my Mom is from Las Vegas, NM and the majority of my family lives in Albuquerque, Roswell or south. I eat , breathe and love chiles and can't wait until they make their way up I-25 every fall. They are a part of my family and we peel bushels every single year while watching Bronco's games.

                                          Pueblo chiles are a bit milder, fruitier, grown more clay vs. sandy but have a really nice flavor. I am not being paid by the city of Pueblo! Personally I love Hatch chiles but do not assume they are the "best".

                                          1. re: LorenM

                                            My Pueblo comments were humor that obviously failed. With your background, you must connect with Passadumkeg, our New Mexico green chile expert all the way back to Raton days. He is in Maine for the summer, but teaches in western New Mexico.

                                            1. re: Veggo

                                              I have met him a time or two in passing on these threads, I have noticed the NM connection on many, many of his posts and really respect his point of view on things both New Mexican and Maine-related. Would love to meet him in person and have a beer and a meal! Anyway, I am glad we got this out of the way as I was really mad when I read it. I will try to put some info on my profile. Peace!

                                  2. Honeyville in Durango for honey and related products. http://www.honeyvillecolorado.com/
                                    Dale's Pale Ale - Oskar Brewery in Lyons http://www.oskarblues.com/
                                    Desert Sun Coffee in Durango - roasters of wonderful organic, fair trade coffee. http://www.desertsuncoffee.com/

                                    James Ranch in Durango - http://www.jamesranch.net/ cheese, beef, eggs etc

                                    1. Stranahans's Colorado Whiskey. Distillery is close to downtown Denver - and they do tours. Most CO liquor stores have it. Spendy, but sooo addicting.

                                      1. justins almond butter, boulder
                                        olathe corn and palisades peaches
                                        dry dock vanilla porter ,aurora
                                        breckenridge 471 small batch ipa, denver
                                        ambrosia honey, western slope
                                        justins almond butter, boulder
                                        bison from south park....not sure the name of the company but u can buy it at the little gas station/market in hartsel. it is from the bison that are literally right there in south park. cant get more local that that.