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Jun 2, 2011 04:27 PM

Good food in Eastmont Hills (Oakland)

Just moved to the area and am desperate for some good food. Recs please!!

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  1. It is possible from a quick google search that you have discovered a true "culinary black hole" where no man or women has ever gone before. Please report back.

    1. The only places I've heard of near there are Old Weang Ping and Masala Cuisine. You might search for topics on Fruitvale and San Leandro.

      Old Weang Ping
      6217 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94605

      Masala Cuisine
      7912 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94621

      1. That's a tuff one!

        Sparky Burgers at the bottom of Redwood road

        Jerry's Beefburgers on Mac Arthur Blvd.

        Are pretty darn good.

        Skyline Pizza half way up Keller.

        Never tried the pizza place...but it is there.

        How about that donut place at the top of 73rd where it hits Edwards Ave,does it do breakfast?

        Also I think there is a cafe at the top of 98th near Golf links,just past Bishop O Dowd.

        And then there is a grill at the old Chabot Golf course that was always edible.

        Love to hear your feedback.

        I will try and think of some more.

        1. never seen masala cuisine open whenever i drove by.

          only soul food and fish & chip places come to mind
          -simpson (soul food) 6403 foothill 251-1299
          -soul's (soul food) 6403 international ave (soul food, excellent decor inside, security guard on site, parking in back)
          -holiday fish (fish & chip, soul food) 8217 international av. ($10 dinner takeouts are good value and excellent)
          -find out what's cooking 6638 bancroft ave. (if desperate come here, not recommended)
          -fish king (chicken, fish & chip) 6447C international ave. (excellent fish & chip, heartell chicken good too. hoody area. watch your back).
          -charlies palma's (old kwik way) international (pricey, waste of time, money).

          -for chinese, go to fruitvale. laurel district.

          -burgers: In & Out on hegenberger next to walmart.
          -tacos/mexican? some taco trucks on international,
          Recommend soul's, holiday, fish king, and in & out.